Flock update!

I know, I know!  I thought I'd update Flock twice a month....

but right now I'm a Flipping Fool and I've added quite a bit to Flock......

so there's an update available......see the new cover?

You can review it like an on-line magazine, 
or if you have an ipad or an android tablet,
 you can download the App and flip through it there!

I'm loving searching the web for interesting knit/crochet related items
 to gather together in a "Flock" for you....

I hope that if you enjoy it, you will Subscribe!

The cover is Lorettaknits version of the Noel Shawl by Pauline Popiolek - knit in Rowan Fine Art yarn.  Isn't it just gorgeous! She used one skein of the Fine Art in the Waxwing shade.

There is another absolutely drop dead gorgeous crocheted shawl in here, "Raven in Fine Art" by Viviane (Ravelry: vidertextil) who lives in Brussels, Belgium!  You must click through to her blog where she tells you that to her horror.... well, you'll have to go over and read it for yourself!

Can you tell I am a bit obsessed with Rowan's Fine Art Sock Yarn?  Well, I've even started decorating with it!

I admit it, I am spending too much time "Flock"ing and not enough time Knitting!  



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