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"Mermaid at Byron Bay"

By now I'll have waved good bye to my fellow Rowan Ambassadors!  But I'm still in the UK on Holiday with a friend....

In the mean time, if you want to see a bit of what's coming up for Rowan Fall/Winter?  "Like" my Life Lackadaisical Facebook page...because over the next few weeks....leading up to the July 15 release date for Rowan's Autumn Winter Collection, I'll be sharing my favourites of the new season!

Be back soon!

Happy Knitting,


Challenge yourself!

This year I have been challenging myself to finish projects by a set date.  Not a firm day date, but a general "end of the month" type of date.

To do this, you have to assess realistically the amount of knitting time you can give to a project, how much actual knitting there is in a project...and give yourself mini have the back finished in two weeks, then the front in two weeks, the sleeves in two weeks, finishing up - give it a week - and there you go, you have a finished sweater!

If you meet your goal early, you have permission to go on to another project....a pair of socks, a shawl, or even start something else...but you MUST stay on track with the original "goal project".

This year I have applied this principle to my Silkystones Cardigan.  I was so determined to finish this and blog about it, that there was still snow on the ground when it was done and I had to go on a road trip to take photos.  Remember this post?  I won't forget this winter....s…

It's almost time...

The +RowanYarns Pure Wool Worsted Mystery Afghan has absorbed all of my knitting time since it started, what, 9 weeks ago!  It can't be! Yes it can!!!

I have completed 42 blocks so far....I just have 6 of the last block to do....this one...isn't it just the prettiest block?

Do you have a favourite block? or one that you truly didn't like?  Did you stick with the patterns as written, or did you go off on your own? (I look forward to seeing all of the finished afghans at the end of July.)

Once all of the blocks are knit up, in Week 9, this week, we were given the cable trim instructions....

Last week, Ms. Post Person brought me these....the new "Denim & Chenille" collections from Rowan.  Say that fast, Denim & Chenille....sounds like a singing group doesn't it...

We, the Rowan Ambassadors, got sample balls of the new Denim and Chenille yarns before receiving these booklets.  Unfortunately, I haven't had time to play with either...yet...because I'…