Sunday, 25 January 2015

Another KAL?

Ha ha ha, yes, ANOTHER KAL!

I had heard about Ysolda Teague's "Follow the Arrow" mystery knit along, but didn't participate. The gallery of finished shawls is impressive!

The Follow the Arrow mystery is unique. Each weekly clue gives two choose! You get to make a choice every week! Let's see, with 6 weekly clues and two options...there is the potential for ....gosh, LOTS of different shawls ha ha ha!

When the Follow the Arrow 2 mystery KAL started popping up in my Ravelry feed....I decided that I had to join!

A few of the members in my new knitting group, the Silvercreek Knit 'n Sip knitters, are doing the KAL too! What a great way to get to know people when joining a new group! There is nothing like figuring out the clues together! 

My first choice was clue 1a. 

It looks good in the Rowan Fine Art yarn that I chose. This fingering weight yarn is hand dyed in South Africa, and is a spectacular combination of merino wool, kid mohair, mulberry silk and polyamide. These luxurious fibres combined with the polyamide make this yarn suitable for socks as well as accessories and sweaters...all in 400 yard skeins!

This yarn was originally offered in 8 multi-shade colourways, then 6 blended colourways were added! The 'Rowan' shade I am using is one of the blended shades....and I am contemplating mixing it with 'Raven' one of the original shades, somewhere along the Mystery KAL way!

I can't wait for the second clue tomorrow! Decisions decisions :)

Are you knitting the Follow the Arrow KAL? Do you like KAL's? 

Until next time,

Happy Knitting,


Friday, 16 January 2015

Kaffe Klatch Update

Well, it seems that most of the Kaffe Klatch got caught up in Merriment during the holidays.  

Tsk tsk I say :)

One of us was very busy....and it wasn't me!

First Ros teased me with a photo of her afghan all sewn up!
(Just so you get an idea of how large this is, that is a Queen size bed!)

The she sent me this photo - with a crochet edging applied.
Almost done, but not quite.
It has been decided that another round of crochet is required!

Now I have to also explain that while all this afghan knitting was going on...
Franziska, Rowan Magazine 56
by Galina Carroll
in Rowan's Felted Tweed DK

Yes, Ros actually finished this beauty!  Another huge amount of stranded knitting!  (She graciously allowed me to share this long as I removed her head :) )

I MUST find out what Darlene and Ann (the other Kaffe Klatch members) have been up to.

Me? You want to know what I have been doing?

Kaffe Afghan squares at the top,
Emley in Fine Art Aran on the left (started before the Kaffe KAL)
and Mette in Brushed Fleece on the right.

Do you see a pattern here?  I seem to have an aversion to sewing things up!

Now, in my defence, I did knit and completely finish, my Nordic Tree Garland!
I have been living in reno land too - hopefully to be totally, finally, finished! next week!
I knit and completely finished my Muddy scarf....
I couldn't resist trying out Sarah Hatton's newest idea - one design, three I swatched!
I spent a day in the big city of Toronto at the Creative Festival!

ALL while the Kaffe Afghan KAL was going on, and during the Holidays!  So now that I've listed all this, I feel better, I feel energized, I feel the need!


Happy knitting (and finishing) everyone!


You won't see me until I have a FP to report (Finished Project)
(FP, much better than FO :) )