Friday, 22 August 2014

Friday Update....and Fine Art Aran Competition!

Well, it has been a busy week here at Life LDC......

I can't believe it is nearing the end of August already....summer has flown by.  I am trying to take advantage of the great (not so hot you can't stand to be outside) summer weather and do whatever I can outside.

My afghan is finished...a new project has to be cast on!  Rowan Fine Art Aran comes in hanks, so I needed to take my ball winder and swift out onto the deck!  

Daisy of course likes to help!

Gosh...look at that brown face!
a year ago, when I took the photo of her sitting on my lap....she was WHITE!!!!
what the heck?
I think it is the food that I added to her out it goes!
I hope to show you a pristine white Daisy soon!
A trip to Georgetown for a knit/coffee "date" with my buddy Candice.....on the drive there, what did I see but this....

a tree decorated with bicycles!
I had to stop for a closer look!

Pedalling against Poverty.....The Lending Journey

click through for more information (no affiliation...just amazed at the display of bicycles)

Yesterday Hubby and I, and "the kids" took a road trip up to the  Saugeen Shores area of Ontario - that's the northern coast of Lake Huron.  Known for it's fantastic is a 2.45 hour drive....

While we were there...we of course walked the kids....

Here is Lackie with the Hubby.....Hubby is saying not another photo LOL!!!

Lackie goes back and forth from one side of the path to the other if you aren't walking fast enough. He was saying "there's a squirrel over there...and a bird over there....look out for the bicycle!"

You can tell how excited he is by the tail!
Daisy was with me....she walks very ladylike, until she decides it is time to throw herself down on the ground and roll in something really lovely (lovely to her, disgusting to us).

One of the things we wanted to check out in Port Elgin was this miniature railway - see the railway line? Well, we followed the track....that runs along the lakeside walk...and finally we saw the train in the distance...we had walked a fair way (for our little four legged friends) so we turned around and walked back, thinking the train would catch up to train!

How perplexing was that!

So I've visited the facilities, we all have had a little drink from the picnic snacks I've put together...we are back in the car, driving away....and there goes the train!  Drats - we missed it!
We also visited the Southampton Art School & Gallery....well, the Gallery part
where I found among all sorts of fine art....this adorable papier mache knitting sheep!

You're probably thinking that this sheep now resides in Milton...but I resisted!

Don't forget - hubby was in the car :)
We finished up our visit with Fish and Chips down by the lake....
sometimes I just love a b/w photo!
I'm heading back up this way in September for a workshop that I'll be leading for the Docknits weekend.

Knitting the sample for this workshop has kept me rather busy this month......but it is almost done, and that's why I had to wind up some new yarn...ready for...

My next project which will be knit with +RowanYarns Fine Art Aran!
The design I have chosen is from the newly released....

Yes, the new "Simple Shapes" series of booklets is fabulous!

Sarah Hatton has done a spectacular job of showcasing the Fine Art Aran yarn.
Designs range from super a bit more challenging....
so something for everyone!

So here's the competition part!

I have more Fine Art Aran in my stash, than I think I will need for my project!, whatever skeins I have left are up for grabs!

All you have to do is click through to the Rowan web site....and guess which of the designs in this booklet I am going to knit!

 Leave a comment here on this post with your guess! 

All correct guesses will be included in a draw for my extra skeins!

Please make sure that you leave some way of contacting you.....a Ravelry name, or your blog address?

This competition will be open until my first reveal project post.....
so get your guesses (entries) in asap!

I love Fine Art Aran.....can't you tell? I've talked about it a bit before.....links back to....

Fine Art Aran Crochet Cowl
"Zen" for the Hubby
The Fine Art Aran Mini Collection
and my Trilogy of Sample Cowls done in Fine Art Aran

so you see, I LOVE this yarn....and wish for you to have the opportunity to give it a try yourself!

So, which design from the "Simple Shapes Fine Art Aran" booklet do YOU think I'll be knitting!

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Friday, 15 August 2014

Faraway, a seaside scarf

inspiration struck while at the English seaside....

combining the new "Rowan Finest" yarn
with a Rowan classic, "Kidsilk Haze Stripe"

I didn't finish knitting until I was home here in Ontario....

it is high summer, and I want to photograph a scarf
that combines Mohair, Wool, Cashmere and Alpaca!

was I crazy????

well, I may not live near the seaside, but....
off to Lake Ontario we went, for a "seaside" feel...

this combination of Rowan Finest and Kidsilk Haze Stripe
 is incredibly luxurious!

knit simply in alternating sections of 
stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch....
inspired "over the pond" 
it is a great reminder of a wonderful vacation!
(I love the pockets in this top)
it floats in the breeze...
...ahh, that feels more like the seaside!

If you like to know more...things to link through to....

The yarns I used....Rowan Finest and Kidsilk Haze Stripe

My linen top is by olars ulla sweden....

one of my purchases at UpCountry in Holmfirth.....
I mentioned this in my "All Good Things" post

Pants...Ralph Lauren...bought a couple of years ago!

need "Rowan Finest" and "Kidsilk Haze Stripe"?
visit my "local" Rowan stockist, The Needle Emporium!

thank you to my wonderful friend,
photographer and Jamberry lady
Renée....she knows just how to get "the shot"

I am wearing "Confetti Cake"
and Renée is wearing "Icy Rose Polka"
visit Renée's Jamberry page 

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