Friday, 14 August 2015

To cast on, or NOT to cast on....that is ALWAYS the question!

In the early days of my knitting career, my reputation was...cast on, knit, knit a bit more, lose interest...pass it on to my Mom to finish.  My Mother, I am sure, despaired at how quickly my enthusiasm turned to empathy;  how a new project would catch my eye and the old project be relegated to a dark corner somewhere....

Then there were the years that I didn't knit at somehow got in the way.

When the knitting gene resurfaced back in the late 80's, I vowed to become a monogamous knitter - to cast on, knit knit knit (exclusively) and finish that project! I learned new techniques (stranded knitting), attempted things that caused my poor Mother to gasp. (Gosh, the first time I cut my knitting, I took my Philosopher's sweater to my Mom's house. On her dining room table....we lay the tube of knitting, my Mother handed me the scissors.....and I cut! We both needed a reviving cup of tea.)

I know that my Mom was proud of the new knitterly me! I even knit her a gorgeous cream mohair!

My knitting gene came from my Mother...and perhaps her Mother (I never knew my Grand-Mother but I presume that she knit back in the day). I hope my Mom knows how much enjoyment and pleasure I get out of my knitting...and it's all because she took the time to teach me, a "leftie" to knit.

The fact that I actually stick with it, finish things....yes, this is something I know my Mom would be proud of!

It took me years to recognize that staying true to a project, ONE project, is what gets ME finished results! 

Stick to the project Anne!

Now, I have regressed lately....ONLY because I needed a really simple project to take with me on knit nights at the pub! Yes, I've joined a Monday knit group that has recently moved from a cafe, to a pub! The food is great! I have to admit that not much knitting happens though....we are too busy eating and chatting....but hopefully we will settle in and get those needles clicking.

My first knit night project was my Benedict Scarf!

Inspired by the man himself!

You can read all about "My Benedict"
on my Ravelry Project page.
I managed to knit the Benedict scarf in tandem with my "Wave" cardigan. It would have been disastrous to try and knit two strands of navy Kidsilk Haze while it was my stay at home project.

So, full disclosure!

Right now I am 60% complete on my "Hells Yells" project. 

The "Yell" design by Gemma Atkinson, from Rowan Magazine 58, knit in Colourspun, gorgeous shade Semer Water! 

The sleeves are both done to the underarm! The back is complete! The front has been cast on! This whole sweater is done in a twisted rib stitch! I feel the need for a simple project to play off of this twisted rib marathon!

I also need a new project for Monday nights!

It's raining here today....seriously raining, thundering! And it's hot! That means humidity! I cancelled my luncheon date because who wants to site in the quaint little cafe with no air conditioning in the middle of a thunder storm! 

So what is a knitter to do!

More details on this will be forthcoming, but right now, I need to cast on!

Happy Knitting,


(xx from Lackie and Daisy, at my feet)

Friday, 7 August 2015

Posh Nosh, Pimms and Yarn!

The shop was decorated, Susan Gudrum (owner of DocKnits)
and Peggy (centre) and Jeffi (right) the DocKnits team,

were there to welcome their guests!

I was thrilled when Susan invited me to share the new Autumn/Winter 2015/16 Rowan yarns at an exclusive event
 to celebrate the second anniversary of DocKnits!

Magazine 58 was on hand for those who wanted a sneak peak!

Yarn tasting stations were set up around the store!

I had started a swatch for each yarn,
and made sure that the corresponding
 pattern books were handy!

Cheryl here is "tasting" the new Hemp Tweed yarn!
(Everyone was invited to dress up and wear a hat - I think
Cheryl took the hat thing to another level!)

Angela is a crocheter (love her shawl). 
She was interested in the crochet designs in the new magazine!
(I couldn't help but show her a few of my favourites from past magazines too!)

"Afternoon Tea" was served.
(It was the social event of the year :) and warranted the best china!)

Loved these swirly sandwiches!
(I personally ate quite a few of those salmon rolls!)

A summer afternoon gathering isn't complete without "Pimms".
Here Susan serves Sarah, Carole-Ann and Darlene!
(Thank you for Darlene for putting me up for the weekend!)

visit DocKnits!

DocKnits is located in Port Elgin, Ontario.....
it's just shy of a 3 hour drive from my front door.
This small community holds many fond memories for me.
My family vacationed here each fall....just in time for the Salmon fishing season.

Located on the eastern shore of Lake Huron, 
Port Elgin is known for it's stunning sunsets!
(Thank you to my Sister who "summers" here for the photo!)

I had to wait to share this experience with you because, the DocKnits yarn tasting was going to be featured in the Row@n August Newsletter! Have you seen it? Click through to read the Newsletter from cover to cover!

Happy Knitting!

(with xxx from Lackie and Daisy, at her feet)
about my sign off line.....
Daisy in particular is never far away...
and she understands not to touch my yarn...
well, hardly ever :)

Lackie can sometimes be tempted :)