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Why yes, I crochet!

I've dabbled in crochet.... Yes, I could do a granny square....a crochet edge....but following a written pattern was a challenge.

My FIRST official finished crochet project was.....

Design by Lisa Richardson in Rowan Felted Tweed..... see all the details on my Frances Crochet Scarf Ravelry page!
The Frances Crochet Scarf was a sophisticated version of 70's wild and crazy crochet....I loved it then and still wear it often!
The huge light bulb moment for me came when I realized that to had to start the row by getting to the height of the stitches of that next row. If you don't crochet, this might not make sense. 

To get a good grip on this concept, I crochet a "swatch cowl" and blogged about it here. There are links in this post to all of the Rowan Yarns crochet videos on Youtube!
Then came the Lisa Richardson CAL on the Rowan web site! 

Small gauge crochet! Scary!!!!
While I didn't do this CAL, I did complete each motif using Rowan Big Wool! What a great…

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