Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Hells Yells!

"Yell", Rowan Magazine 58

I decided to call this "Hells Yells" because I truly, did not realize that the whole thing was knit in twisted rib....a twisted rib on both right and wrong side rows! 

Honestly, my stomach lurched.....I thought it would be a twist on the right side row with a quick purl back! No way! 

Trying to avoid the sleeveless body syndrome, I knit the sleeves first, and yup, as you would expect, the twisted rib became more comfortable as I went along, and eventually I was whipping those twisted rows out no problem!

Don't you just love the Felted Tweed rib accent on this sweater? It really takes it to another level of sophistication.....just that little extra added touch that Rowan is known for!

These photographs were taken on Wednesday, November 11. It was a cold and blustery day and Hubby and I, with the doggie kids, decided to go plane spotting! I'd seen a tweet to say that the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Lancaster was going to make it's last trip of the year commemorate Remembrance Day. We've seen it before and thought it might be nice to check it out off we went on a road trip into Hamilton to find a spot where we night get a fly past view! The weather wasn't the greatest...the Lancaster did fly past, but it was so far away so no pictures....just a happy heart to know that it was flying today!

We stood on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment, looking out over Hamilton and the Hamilton Bay, for quite a while. I started to get chilled....but hubby was warm as toast, because he had his "Yell" sweater on and a the K4P4 Cowl that I'd knit in Rowan Fine Art Aran a couple of years ago! (Rowan has my K4P4 Rib Cowl pattern on their web page!)

Yup, that's the Lancaster! It had an escort with it also - perhaps they were filming it's flight?
Ironically, while we were watching it on FlightRadar24, an App that lets you track airplanes flying around everywhere.....the Lancaster did a big swoop north and probably flew over our house before turning back towards Hamilton! 

Rick Mercer, a Canadian comic who has a weekly "news" show, visited the Canadian Warplane Museum and took a flight in the have to watch this!

Did you read about the amazing reunion of the only two remaining operational Lancasters in the UK the summer of 2014? Our Canadian Lancaster flew to the UK....did a show tour....then flew back! Quite amazing for a 70 year old plane! 

Available as a DVD or BlueRay!
Check it out here....."Reunion of Giants".

Guess what someone is getting in his Christmas stocking this year :)

Happy knitting,

x with Lackie and Daisy at her feet!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Winter is coming....

Winter is my serious knitting time! Put on some Netflix or Acorn TV, or a favourite DVD!, make a cup of tea and settle down for some serious knitting!

This winter I have joined two, maybe 3, knit-along type projects. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Sure seemed like a great idea at the time!

First, when I heard about Marie Wallin's Fair Isle Blanket Club, well, I used to have the handle of FairIsleFanatic on Ravelry back in the day, so this just called to me.

@Marie Wallin

This is not a mystery know what you are signing up for right from the beginning! Marie has designed 12 unique fair isle designs, one to be knit each month, that when sewn up will create a truly heirloom blanket.

It's not too late to sign up.....Marie Wallin Fairisle Club!

The second is the Kate Davies Seven Skeins club!

@Kate Davies Designs

This is a different sort of sign up, receive your 7 skeins of yarn, and it's up to you how you are going to use those 7 shades in the "mystery" projects that are presented to you each week.

aren't these gorgeous shades?

The official title for this collection of designs is...

Buachaille: At Home in the Highlands

and if you click through on this link, you will see all of the projects on Ravelry so far!

The third? Well, I am not sure I have joined or will join the third....I'm just lurking around the Revelry thread right now.

The Amy Herzog Options Knit Along which uses Rowan Pure Wool Superwash DK!

While intriguing, do I have time to knit a custom fit sweater???? Do I have the mental will to make all of these decisions? Pullover/cardigan?plain/striped,textured? round or v neck? full or 3/4 sleeves? I can feel the Brain fog setting in!

I am always up for learning something new! So I've decided to participate as a "virtual" knitter. Follow along, watch Amy's videos for her tips, think about what she has to say! Right off, she reinforced something that I'd recently learned in an on-line fit class with Ysolde Teague. (...another fabulous designer that focusses on making your sweaters fit!) 

Intrigued? Watch Amy's first video. You'll have to watch to understand what I'm on about here :)

I also signed up for Amy's newsletter...there is some great stuff here knitters! I have been known to go on a bit about swatches....and I am so happy to see that Amy and I agree on swatches. Big smile here!!! So I hope if you have issues with making the sweaters that you knit fit the way you want, you'll join this knit along....if nothing else, read Amy's post about swatching here!

Whew, just putting this down here makes my head spin. Have I bitten off more than I can chew? Will I managed to finish anything this season?

Finish...yes....I haven't forgotten....I have things to finish!

Happy Knitting,


xx with Lackie and Daisy at her feet

Postscript...since I started the draft of this post, I've had a case of the flu (nasty nasty - get your flu shots people!).  Now that the worst is over, I've been able to enjoy being pampered a bit by the DH (he makes great Baxter's soup and tea), watch some TV, knit (I've started the first of Marie's blanket squares), and get some reading done. I finished "Career of Evil" the third Cormoran Strike novel by Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling) and have started the newest Jack Reacher. What authors do you enjoy?

It's been 10 days, I'm ready for this to be seriously over!

Thanks for dropping by!