Koigu Hand Painted Yarn - June knit update!

The Life LDC June video update is here!

I've joined the Swish & Flick Collective by Kay F. Jones. 

Swish and Flick Collective - 7 designs inspired by the 7 Harry Potter Books! (Anything Harry Potter and I'm in!!!!

Bonus Pattern...Choose you House Socks
Burrow Wrap - inspired by the Philosopher's Stone
The Whispers in the Walls socks! - inspired by the Chamber of Secrets

I'm just dying to know what the project will be for The Prisoner of Azkaban! Will it be something inspired by Sirius or Buckbeak maybe??? 

Koigu, the ORIGINAL hand painted yarn - established 1992!

Vogue Knitting have always featured Koigu....a couple of samples of Vogue patterns that use Koigu and are my favourites!

Koigu Squares Scarf from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2010 - FREE!

The Empress Jacket - Now, right now I'm in LOVE with this design....the Empress Jacket -
It has modular pieces on the back, a fair isle section at the underarm and garter stitch sleeves! I'm imagining the texture and gorgeous colo…

Stripes are French Chic! (May 2019 Life LDC Update)

Join me for a quick May update.....

I share styling ideas for my Bondi/Barton Hoodie....see my previous video for details of the mashup.
I LOVE Rowan's Denim Revive yarn.

FO - The Folk Fairisle Cushion, design by Marie Wallin. While this pattern is not yet available for can see the other two fair isle cushions here on Marie's web site!

Fair Isle Club 5 is coming soon! Make sure you are signed up for Marie's newsletter for details. Booking open July 1!

I edited my May update heavily as there was footage I decided not to post as Daisy was in it and I didn't feel comfortable posting I end with a few Daisy photos throughout the years....after 15 years, 6 months....she will be missed so much.

Thank you for joining me on the Life LDC couch for my May update.

Happy Knitting,

Anne x

Bondi/Barton hits the streets!

I was excited to knit with this new Rowan yarn - Denim Revive! You know I LOVE denim and wear it ALL THE TIME!
The "Ocean Blue" collection by Martin Storey included two hoodie designs - one for a man and one for a woman - yes, body shape specific for men and women. I wanted to knit the woman's design, Bondi, but I wanted the stripes and the pockets of the men's design (Barton), so I decided to do a...

The Bondi didn't have pockets but the Barton did. I grabbed those pocket details and incorporated them into my Bondi!

I decided NOT to sew up the rib at the side seam - I really like the inverted V it creates....and it keeps the rib from grabbing at the hips! This is my original modification to the design :) 

I also did a 2x2 rib button band per Barton. Bondi used a garter stitch for the button band.
You make i-cord for the hood string!

(If you've never done i-cord, I get you started in my April 2019 video blog update link here takes you to the right spot!) 

I r…

Bondi/Barton Mashup Demos - April 2019 Update

Hi there! April has flown by because I've been focussed on finishing my Martin Storey Bondi/Barton mashup hoodie!

Intro - disaster avoided

1:45 Who do I represent in the knitting world?

Social media is abuzz with discussion about representation of BIPOC, gender, age and size! Who do I represent?

3:00 Rowan Yarns Martin Storey 2019 Knit Along - Blanket and/Cushion, with or without BEADS!

See my blog post... NEW Rowan KAL with Martin Storey
Martin Storey Pure Wool Worsted Mystery Afghan Knit-A-Long
Martin Storey KAL 2016

4:15 River City Yarns video discussing the 2019 KAL with Sharon Brandt, Trisha Malcolm and Martin Storey!

9:35 Bondi/Barton Mashup Hoodie!

Coco knits accessories make finishing easier!

11:42 Mattress Stitch seaming stripes!

26:00 Buttons - I got mine from Textile Garden! The style I used is number TGB2920 - unfortunately I see they are sold out....but the same button is available in other finishes!

27:25 - I Cord Demo! 

If you've never done i cord, this will get you started!


NEW Rowan KAL with Martin Storey!

Martin Storey's 2019 Knit Along!

Do you love a good blanket knit along! Lovely, portable pieces of knitting that when put together make stunning blankets....and this time there are cushion options too!

I'm getting ahead of myself! Back up Anne :)
Have you heard of the new Rowan Yarns blanket knit along? The graphic gives you an idea of the lovely textured design of this blanket! It's gorgeous!
This time Martin has designed coordinating cushions - knit a blanket, knit a cushion (or two or three), or do them all for a fabulous display of your knitting!

AND, all of these designs incorporate BEADS!!! How glorious is that! (Actually, the beads are totally if you don't like beads, you're good!)
Like Martin's two earlier knit along blankets....this one is knit using Rowan Yarns Pure Wool Worsted Yarn! Previous blankets were multi coloured - this one is knit in a single shade (easy to pick a shade that will compliment your other Martin blankets) .

Like all of Ro…

Knitters Need the Right Tools! March Knit Blog Update!

March was a whirl of focussed knitting on my latest project, Bondi by Martin Storey from the Ocean Blue Collection in Rowan Denim Revive!

It's a big project...
it's two row stripes....
it has pockets...
and a hood...
and I'm almost done!

Whilst knitting my Bondi, it became obvious that I was using the wrong needle tips!

This led me to have a look at my needle collection....primarily Addi with a little Signature and KnitPro thrown in!

I ended up ordering new Addi Straights....and when they arrived....the hubby asked why I needed so many different needles! (silly man right)

Every Knitter needs a variety of tools...right?

Join me while I discuss the merits of the different needles in my collection.

It's a short update....sorry, but I've been too busy knitting!

Links for this episode:

Design: Bondi by Martin Storey (You can buy this as an individual download or as part of the digital collection, OR in hard copy!)

Design Collection: Ocean Blue by Rowan (Available in Har…

February Update - Summer Project on the Needles!

February was brutal here at Life LDC! The weather was L&D and I snuggled up on the couch and got going on a summer project!
A bit of swatching happened along the way.
Here's my February update....

(I'm working on an intro graphic...I'm almost there :)

Videos mentioned in my update....
Link to the Fall/Winter 2019/20 Chanel Fashion Show - Woven in Time - A History of Wool in Yorkshire -

Spring MUST be just around the corner - right?
Happy Knitting!
Anne x
with Daisy at her feet....Lackie is MIA :)