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Honningsvag and Cape North

Day 6 - At Honningsvag you have the opportunity of booking an excursion to Cape North....we couldn't resist as we have this thing about getting as far north as possible (like getting up to Muckle Flugga while in Shetland)

To accommodate those who want to do the Cape North excursion, lunch is early on the ship and we set off on the bus at 12:30 - because the boat leaves at 4 - so we have to get on the road!  What a road!

Tromso - Paris of the North

A lot of knitting was done this day - oh, did I say knitting????

Crossing the Arctic Circle

On day 4 we were going to cross into the Arctic Circle.

Crossing the Arctic Circle is a big deal - even on this ship that does it every week!

Did you know that there is a globe on the island of Vikingen that serves as a marker?  Well, that's what we were told, so I knew it but wasn't going to get up that early to see it go by!  (I know, I should be ashamed of myself.)

On board there was a competition to predict exactly when the Nordnorge would cross the circle......hour, minute and seconds.  Everyone put in their guess.

This was a day of spectacular scenery - island and skerries, rock formations, isolated cabins......and then  the Baptism for those of us crossing the Arctic Circle for the first time!

Then it was time for the Baptism - a ladle full of ice cold water - yes, with ice cubes - down the back - they make sure it gets under your clothing....


As Norway's first capital, Trondheim was given special treatment on this trip - Arena had arranged a bus tour - we did have to get up pretty early in the dark to catch the bus and although some of us were grumbling - it was worth it!

Next - Crossing the Arctic Circle!

The Nordnorge never stops for long....

This is no frou frou Cruise Ship that we are on - this is a working Coastal Steamer - while travelling north it makes 34 ports of call - carries freight and passengers - day and night - never stopping for very long.

Every day there is at least one extended stop where the tourist passengers (like us) can get off, do a bit of sightseeing and of course shopping!

 On day 2 we stopped in Alesund - known for it's Art Nouveau architecture - we got off for a stroll around the waterfront area.  Of course a knit shop was to be found and although I didn't know exactly where it was, somehow my instincts led me there - along up and around was the directions I was given LOL!

Aha, as soon as I saw the red felted hearts on the railing - I knew we were on the right track.  Look at the bricks on this street - I'm taking a photo and Hubby is saying "Did you catch the Jaguar as it went by?" - well, yes I did, but I was taking a photo of the lovely street and buildings LOL!

Although this…

Arena Travel and Rowan partner up....

When I first saw that Rowan and Arena Travel were putting together tours for knitters, well, of course I was interested!

(Arena are know for their tours based on specific interests - their catch phrase is "Passionate about your passions" - they offer Quilting Holidays, Elvis Holidays, Antique & Fine Art Tours, Heritage & Literary Tours, Official Queen Events (for Queen Fans), Connoisseur Chocolate tours, Bridge Holidays and Iron Maiden Fan weekends - so of course Knitting could only be next LOL!!!)

Knitting in Tuscany, Italy - lovely - some day perhaps.
Knitting in the Shetland Isles - sold out almost instantly - a 2nd tour is now being case you missed the first one

and Northern Lights Knitting Cruise in Norway - well, just the ticket - so I booked the Hubby and I and we packed up our cold weather wardrobe and off we went! (This link takes you to the page for the 2012 tour - already on the calendar and ready to book!)

Toronto - London to catch up with the A…


When I first knit the design "Oslo" from the Jamieson's Shetland Knitting Book 2 way back in the days of She Ewe Knits, I knew that one day.....

I'd be wearing it in Oslo!

Please excuse the slightly stunned expression - a result of too much fun, too little sleep, and this photo was taken in the Oslo airport on our way home from this is the end, let me go back to the beginning....
Thanks to Candice for sending a link my way - this is how Wordle translates Shades of Shetland.

November, Wovember

WOVEMBER.COM - where all the really "warm" people are hanging out this month!

For all of you who like to win things, there is a photography competition with a great prize sponsored by Jamieson & Smith.

Check out the Hall of Shame and Sign the Petition.


Wovember was the idea of Kate Davies and Felicity Ford..........check out their blogs and look for other Wovember"y" posts all over blog land.

Today I am packing up some wonderfully warm wooly stuff myself - because "Winter is Coming" - I know, you're tired of me saying that right.....but for some of us, boy, it is coming.  More on this soon.

It can't be November already!