Crossing the Arctic Circle

On day 4 we were going to cross into the Arctic Circle.

Crossing the Arctic Circle is a big deal - even on this ship that does it every week!

Did you know that there is a globe on the island of Vikingen that serves as a marker?  Well, that's what we were told, so I knew it but wasn't going to get up that early to see it go by!  (I know, I should be ashamed of myself.)

On board there was a competition to predict exactly when the Nordnorge would cross the circle......hour, minute and seconds.  Everyone put in their guess.

This was a day of spectacular scenery - island and skerries, rock formations, isolated cabins......and then  the Baptism for those of us crossing the Arctic Circle for the first time!

Spectacular sunrise. 
Isolated villages.
Everywhere you look!

See the strange fellow on the right - that's King Neptune - called from the ocean deep
for the Baptisms.
Then it was time for the Baptism - a ladle full of ice cold water - yes, with ice cubes - down the back - they make sure it gets under your clothing....

Yes, I did get Baptised - unfortunately Alan wasn't quick enough with the camera!
This is Lynn, the Arena Travel tour director - getting special treatment!
This is another Alan on the tour getting Baptised
- my Alan, well, he wasn't going for it! LOL!
After getting rid of the ice cubes (seriously) and drying off,
there was still plenty of spectacular scenery to see before it got too dark.


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