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It's all Japanese to me -- but one of these days I intend to sit down, figure one of these designs out and cast on!

My first Japanese knitting book was the Fair Isle one on the extreme left -- it's even printed Japanese style -- back to front.

Recently I purchased these other Japanese knitting books because Marsha White of The Needle Arts Bookshop has provided info on how to read and decipher these patterns.

One of these days, I intend to sit down and decipher one of these designs - but right now, I just enjoy looking at them!

Happy Knitting

Shades of Shetland?? where??? show me!

Lorraine asked me if I had received my Winter Interweave Knits yet - no I said. She says, well, I think there is something in here that would amuse you -- and she opened her Interweave Knits Winter magazine to this page:

Totally ignoring the fact that they use "Shades of Shetland" my blog name in this ad....after all, it's just three words and I don't own them LOL!!!!

This ad is for a stranded sweater, done in 100% Peruvian wool, so what does "Shades of Shetland" have to do with it. Ah yes, I see......they call it a fair isle sweater.......fair isle, Shetland, yes I see the connection....sort of. Well, I guess if you call all two-color per row stranded projects "fair isle" then it fits.

BUT if you, like me, believe that a fair isle sweater is a style not a technique....that a fair isle sweater needs to be made of 100% Shetland yarn (and that's Shetland yarn from sheep raised on the group of islands North of Scotland known collectively as Shetlan…

I'd say fraternal, not identical

I popped in to see the Sheriff of Knittingham the other day......we hadn't seen each other for a while, I had some stuff I needed to drop off, and I took my Autumn swatch with me to compare to her original Oregon - Autumn colorway sweater.

I didnt even think to take my camera with me - but luckily Lorraine had hers. (I did take a couple of photos with my cell phone camera -- I just have to figure out how to get them off of the camera and onto my computer somehow LOL!)

So if you're wondering how my swatch compares to the original, go visit the Sheriff of Knittingham and see for yourself! (As I said, not identical but definitely fraternal.)

Happy Knitting!