It's all Japanese to me -- but one of these days I intend to sit down, figure one of these designs out and cast on!

My first Japanese knitting book was the Fair Isle one on the extreme left -- it's even printed Japanese style -- back to front.

Recently I purchased these other Japanese knitting books because Marsha White of The Needle Arts Bookshop has provided info on how to read and decipher these patterns.

One of these days, I intend to sit down and decipher one of these designs - but right now, I just enjoy looking at them!

Happy Knitting


  1. You can do it Anne!
    Remember, you are my hero!
    I've heard these books are very detailed and well written...
    I know you expect me to be able to decipher it, but I'm too far removed! (4th generation) LOL!
    You can do it! Yes you can! :)

  2. There goes your blog rating with your title! That is too funny!
    There are plenty of sites with complete instructions on how to read the patterns. Not hard, just a bit of patience. I have to get around to casting one on.
    Google for knitting elegance blog and in there you will find the links.

  3. I admit I was tempted when I went to Marsha's and saw a whole wall of those books- who knew?

    I think I'll just look at the nice pictures- I have a hard time with French- Japanese- faggedaboudit!

  4. Ohhh it looks yummy. I like them......but don't have them. The one to the left, looks very interesting!:-)

    Just finished you Sweetheart hat....will see if I can get a pic taken tomorrow, before I wash it! Don't like wearing wet hats!*GRIN*

  5. If you can't sort it out Anne there is no hope for the rest of us!

  6. I have the two on the far right, and for the moment they are also just some great eye candy - but I do intend to get to them ...someday. ;)
    So there is a shop you can go to and actually browse them before buying sight unseen on the internet? Lucky you!

  7. I have heard that Japanese classes are beginning the first week in January and U.W. You can shack up at my place. LOL Either that, or look at the pictures and fondle the books.


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