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The Man With a Load of Mischief

Outside the Jack and Hammer, a dog growled.

Published in 1981, this is the first Richard Jury novel.....debuting our lead character - tall, dark and handsome Detective Chief Inspector Richard Jury.

While the first three chapters are set in the village of Long Piddleton and introduce us to the eccentric villagers that live there.....Chapter 4 gives a look into the contrast of Jury's life in London.

It's late December and while most people are getting ready for the big holiday, Jury and his Sergeant Wiggins are sent to this small village to investigate the death of a stranger who's body has turned up in a most unusual place.

The local squire "Melrose Plant" is titled, rich, good looking, intelligent, and fascinated by the process of detection.

The eccentric bunch of recurring characters, both in London and Long Pidd, meld together into a family of characters that inevitably become involved in Jury's investigations. Although at first you might think that this is a bi…

The Grimes Challenge!

I'm a big fan of Martha Grimes......the Richard Jury series.....I've got all the novels -- well, I thought I did.....
Turns out I was missing one, and that got me to thinking........I've been reading these over the past 20+ years........I must have forgotten a lot about these novels, the character growth, the loves I've decided this summer to read them, starting from the beginning, in order....
Here's the list, cut and pasted from the Martha Grimes web site.
The Man With A Load Of Mischief
The Old Fox Deceiv'd
The Anodyne Necklace
The Dirty Duck
Jerusalem Inn
Deer Leap
Help The Poor Struggler
I Am The Only Running Footman
The Five Bells and Bladebone
The Old Silent
The Old Contemptibles
The Horse You Came In On
Rainbow's End
The Case Has Altered
The Stargazey
The Lamorna Wink
The Blue Last
The Grave Maurice
The Winds of Change
The Old Wine Shades
Dust I'm also going to knit this summer, for pleasure. I've been in a knitting funk and I couldn't decide whethe…

I'm a huge Star Trek fan!

Yes Brigitte, I've seen the new Star Trek movie - have you?

I was a bit sceptical when I first heard about it......I was disappointed that William Shatner didn't score a cameo at least.......but I have to say....


Really, it is a great tribute to the original while being radically have to watch it to see how it all works out......and as I say, it left me wanting more......the journey continues......

Life is good.....

Perfect walking weather......gotta enjoy it while it lasts....... still thinking about knitting though.........

Mother-Daughter Knits

Sally Melville & Caddy Melville Ledbetter
MOTHER-DAUGHTER KNITS 30 DESIGNS TO FLATTER AND FIT Last night I attended the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters Guild meeting......with Sally Melville and her daughter Caddy Melville Ledbetter.

Sally's presentation was how to knit to "flatter and fit" - what an eye opener.

Using a powerpointpresentation Sally showed us how different sweater styles could be worn by anyone - it's all a matter of proportion.

Sally shared with us how to find out your "Ideal" sweater lengths - short, mid-length and big and long sweaters........and what each of these sweaters is best worn with (wide or slim pants, a line or straight skirts).

How to measure yourself, how to figure our your sleeve length (which is always the same - go figure - whether it's a drop shoulder, a set in or a raglan sleeve! (Your sleeve measurement is taken from the centre back at your neck, over your shoulder, down your arm - which is held bent across your waist - to…