The Man With a Load of Mischief

Outside the Jack and Hammer, a dog growled.

Published in 1981, this is the first Richard Jury novel.....debuting our lead character - tall, dark and handsome Detective Chief Inspector Richard Jury.

While the first three chapters are set in the village of Long Piddleton and introduce us to the eccentric villagers that live there.....Chapter 4 gives a look into the contrast of Jury's life in London.

It's late December and while most people are getting ready for the big holiday, Jury and his Sergeant Wiggins are sent to this small village to investigate the death of a stranger who's body has turned up in a most unusual place.

The local squire "Melrose Plant" is titled, rich, good looking, intelligent, and fascinated by the process of detection.

The eccentric bunch of recurring characters, both in London and Long Pidd, meld together into a family of characters that inevitably become involved in Jury's investigations. Although at first you might think that this is a bit campy and not your cup of tea.....if you're looking for a good murder mystery without the gory forensic details that are popular might enjoy this series.


  1. I am pretty sure I have this book in my basement...I should dust it off and give it a go!


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