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Seasonal Transition...

This time of year I find it hard to get into the swing of knitting for Spring/Summer! 

I'll be honest, before becoming a Rowan Ambassador, I hardly (if ever) knit for for the Spring/Summer season! Perhaps in my mind I couldn't correlate Sweater with Spring/Summer. Well, they all begin with S don't they? That's a Start! Another S!!!!

Living here in Southern Ontario, we have all 4 Seasons, but I have to tell you.....Spring and Summer just sort of fly by. Perhaps that is why I have, in the past, just kept knitting along on my woollen projects....saving them up for the first Snow fall in October (big smile here)! (ok, enough with the S's already!)

Here it is, April 19 and I'm still wearing woollen sweaters. Although it was quite warm early this week, today there was a chill in the air and I wore my Emley, probably (hopefully) for the last time until the Fall.

I've been thinking about Summer knits since I swatched the "3 New Rowan Yarns for Spring/Summer 2015!&…