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Garden Guests

It's taken me quite a while to get photos of these two....I knew they were around, catching flashes of their bright colour....but not being able to capture them in a photograph.  But ARE they Northern Orioles, aka Baltimore Orioles....which I thought were more depends on the light.....sometimes they look more orange than they do in these photos.

Now the challenge is to photograph the Indigo Buntings before they disappear - I expect that when it gets really hot they will head North.......

Before and After Applöse

The only thing I questioned was the suggestion to go up to an 8mm needle when binding off - maybe it was just me, but this made the edge rather loose.  This might have been sorted out if I had blocking wire to block the edges as suggested in the pattern.  It doesn't matter as this is a lovely light decorative scarf - almost like a knitted necklace - and I wore it today and loved it!

I shall try something else with beads I think!

Happy Knitting!

Home and Away - Movie Reviews

This was a good movie - not great, but good.  What WAS great, was the fact that we were at HOME, on-line, using our Apple TV, we wanted to rent the movie, we clicked on it......and it said that the movie would be ready to watch in.....wait for it......2 minutes!!!!

Now this may not be such a surprise for you, but for us - well, the only time we'd tried this before....we started the movie and it had to download it overnight for us to watch the next day!

Yes here at Shades of Shetland we have a new broadband internet provider - 15kbps download!  That is well, 15x faster than what we had......we supposedly had 3 kbps download, but it throttled back after a couple of minutes - it was only really to quickly download your e-mail...anything else was hopeless.

Hubby and I went to the movie theatre about 10 days ago for an interesting "movie" - Frankenstein, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as "the creature" and Jonny Lee Miller as Professor Frankenstein.  This was a film of …

Saturday afternoon...

After 3 days of intense mind boggling heat, today is absolutely gorgeous.....So I decided to take it outside - do some "en plein air" painting as they say in the art world.

While not true "en plein air" I don't think - painting in the garden is fun, and it's close to all modern conveniences!!!  I hope to try some real "en plein air" this summer.....I'm thinking a lighthouse somewhere, with water and sand?  Hmmmm....
I'm trying to get a photograph of an exciting visitor to the garden - fingers crossed!
and, I'm just about finished a small knitting project - it should be done in the next couple of days - then it has to be blocked, so I should have an Applöse moment to share this week!
Do what makes you happy!

My Inspiration for Today....

How are these two inspirations related?  Well.....Noro is a totally unique yarn....the way it is processed, the colour combinations, the way it flows depending on the stitch used and the pattern repeats.  You would be hard pressed to replicate something exactly...even using the same pattern and yarn.
I could paint a Hummingbird every day for a week - and they would never be the same - I could TRY to make it the same, but even trying wouldn't make it so.
This hummingbird was inspired by the Ruby Throated Hummingbird who is monopolizing our feeder at the moment....but there is a tiny, not very brightly coloured Hummer who sneaks in now and again for a drink......maybe I'll try him next.
Have a great day!

Saying goodbye!

Puppy Walk was cancelled on Friday - because of the rain.....pooh....

So on Saturday this group of 6 got together for a photo shoot.....6 sisters....all going to their new homes this week.......aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.......