My Inspiration for Today....

The Premiere issue of Noro Knitting Magazine!

Published by Soho who publish Vogue seems this is the first of annual publications.  That's good, because if you are a fan of Noro - you'll want to knit almost everything inside this magazine - it is beautiful!
I'm trying to paint in a "loose" style....water flowing, dropping colours in here and there.

"The Hummer" by Anne Featonby, Watercolourist
How are these two inspirations related?  Well.....Noro is a totally unique yarn....the way it is processed, the colour combinations, the way it flows depending on the stitch used and the pattern repeats.  You would be hard pressed to replicate something exactly...even using the same pattern and yarn.

I could paint a Hummingbird every day for a week - and they would never be the same - I could TRY to make it the same, but even trying wouldn't make it so.

This hummingbird was inspired by the Ruby Throated Hummingbird who is monopolizing our feeder at the moment....but there is a tiny, not very brightly coloured Hummer who sneaks in now and again for a drink......maybe I'll try him next.

Have a great day!


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