Sunday Stash Confessions.....when one yarn is added, something has to go!

New addition to the stash:  +RowanYarns  Alpaca Colour - in shade 134 Jasper

I really want to try this new yarn - it is so soft and the colours are amazing!
Jasper matches my new Radley bag...and it fits right in with my "Autumn" colours.
(How many of you had your colours done back in the 80's? 
I thought I'd lost my colour wallet, but I just found it again!)


15 balls of Simply Shetland Lambswool and Cashmere
see it on my Pinterest Destash page here
or on my Ravelry Destash page here

I'm going to be doing some serious destashing.....


  1. Wow, that is a beautiful yarn for a great price. How dare you tempt me, haha!

  2. Lovely Alpaca colour yarn. And yes, I did have my colours done in the 80's!

  3. Okay, for about 15 crazy minutes I found myself on Ravelry searching for something I could make with this yarn. Then I pulled myself together and reminded myself I am not buying any more yarn until I get to the UK.

  4. I love Radley bags! Did my own colours in the 80s and was a Summer, then found out in the 90s that a new palette selection had been created which sub-divided each season into cool and warm, so am now a Cool Summer. I KNEW I could still wear some of the Winter-ish colours! You, however, are and will ever be a perfect Autumn.


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