Free Pattern "Dionne" from Studio 32 !

"Dionne" - a FREE to download pattern for Row@n members!
It's an on-line pattern in conjunction with +RowanYarns Studio 32
which is scheduled for release August 15!

I gave you a preview of Studio 32 here....

Did you guess all of the names of the great female singers
that these designs were named for?

Now we have "Dionne" to add to the group!

Rumour has it that there is ANOTHER FREE PATTERN to be released!
 - any guesses who?

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  1. Hello, Anne! I can see that you liked the 'Dionne' pattern either:) I just started to make one for me but I have a few issues to deal with and I would like to ask if you have started or made this pullover? It would be great of you to help me. The thing is the pattern tells to repeat 1-28 rows twice, and until that, I understand. However, after first repetition I have already decreased 10 stitches in total and I have not enough stitches to start my second 1-28 rep. as required in the pattern. What is more, I cannot decrease more stitches or I will not have enough to continue with 30th row as indicated. Maybe I am missing something? Also, could you help me with the decreasing note? I cannot clearly understand what means 'dec 1 st at each end of 7th and 5 foll 6th rows'? Does it concern the 1-28 repetition? I am sorry, but English is not my native language and maybe that is a source of not understanding the pattern. Greetings! Ewa

    1. Hi Ewa!

      Unfortunately, I am not knitting this design, but I did want to use it to highlight the free patterns available at the web site.

      I did download the pattern, and I'd just follow the shaping in the pattern chart as shown. Yes, it does seem confusing to me that you are to repeat 1-28 twice, and by the chart that means 20 stitches in total...but when looking at the number for stitches, you should only be decreasing 12 before you start to knit straight before starting the increase section.

      So, I suggest you contact Rowan via the web site - there is a contact page where you can ask for technical assistance with a pattern. They will get back to might take a few days as they work through the inquiries on a first come first answered basis. Here is a link to the contact page Cut and paste that into your brewers ok?

      This is an adorable sweater - and the slipped stitch is a relaxing way to do colourwork - very soothing. I hope you get your Dionne finished and that you enjoy it! When you do finish it, send me a photo!



  2. Dear Anne, thank you sooo much for checking that so quickly!:) Now I know that, perhaps, it is not only me and my confusion may be reasonable. I admit, that I had already ask for technical help of Knit Rowan, but after googling Dionne pattern I have found your post and decided to write to you:) And of course I will send you a photo!:):) Have a nice week!


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