True Confessions of a Stash a Holic!

As if I didn't have enough yarn to keep me occupied for a lifetime...honestly....

I have been IN LOVE with the Earth Stripe Wrap from +RowanYarns Magazine 42 for ever!  Well, ever since Magazine 42 came out.

Why didn't I buy the yarn for it then?  I don't know....but I've got it NOW!  My Knit Buddy Mrs. Tishell and I were doing our monthly visit to the Needle Emporium....where I spied...what is that....a yarn pack for the Earth Stripe Wrap!  Julie explained that two of the shades had been substituted, as they were long gone favourite shades used in Magazine 42....aha.....

Mrs. Tishell and I BOTH bought one....and we have a pact to knit this up this winter - right Mrs. T?

So today I was doing a bit of an inventory on my yarn pack....looking in my big bin of KSH....guess what I've got...yes, those long gone favourite shades are now safely in my yarn pack....with a ball of each shade for Mrs. T too!

Rowan Yarns Magazine 42 is one of my all time favourite collections.  I have stashed a couple of them already, so with the Earth Stripe Wrap....I now have 3 in my ever lengthening queue!

Earth Stripe Wrap, Kaffe Fassett
Kidsilk Haze

(I am ever so please to have the original shades.....and yes,
I am going to put a fring on it - I love the multi-shade fringe!)

Fyne Slipover, Marie Wallin
Felted Tweed

(I have plans to make this a bit longer)

Maree, Marie Wallin
Kidsilk Haze and Wool/Cotton

(My plans for this?  Well, I love the fabric, 
but I'd like the neckline to be a bit lower, 
and the sleeves to be less poofy at the top....
will I ever do it? Who knows... 
I just love to open up the box and play with the yarns every once in a while!)

Do you have a favourite Rowan Magazine in your collection?  Which one is it?  What designs in the collection call to you?  I'd love to know!

PS:  Mrs. Tishell has started a blog!  It's Call "Fair Ground" and by her own descrxiption, it is her "Oblique observations about knitting, nature, and the dog"  Here's a link to her report of our trip to "The Needle Emporium"..... it's titled Ahhh, Love

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  1. RIGHT!
    From Mrs. Tishell

    PS Thanks for the blog plug

    1. Yes, we are going to be knitting KSH this winter!

  2. I got the pattern for the Fyne slipover. Also in my queue . . .

    1. I love the shades in it - the dark blue used for the rib really sets it off!

  3. That Earth Stripe wrap is gorgeous. And I love the Fyne Slipover. I am hoping to get the yarn for it when I am in Shetland. Like you, I will make it a bit longer when I knit it.

  4. What good luck! FYI, you need one more ball of G for this wrap. I don't know what G is for you (I changed all the colors), but it's been a common problem, as per Rav.

    1. Thanks for the tip....I'll check right now while I remember.....


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