Dreaming about Nepal...

When the +RowanYarns "Tweed" collection was published,
I immediately put "Merrion" in my queue...
and I proceeded to acquire...

Rowan Fine Tweed!

Unfortunately my LRS (Local Rowan Stockist) doesn't carry this particular Rowan yarn
(although she does carry A LOT OF ROWAN!) 

so I had to go to one of my favourite on-line stockists...
Churchmouse Yarns & Teas....with a few clicks of the computer....a few days later....

My yarn had arrived!

Churchmouse packages their yarn so beautifully, and Susan included a thank you note.....
"The colours are so beautiful - this looks like a lovely box of Candy" Susan said
....and I have to agree!

Look at the gorgeous shades, the size and shape of the balls......yummy!
This yarn has been safely stashed ever since.....then the unthinkable happened!

The Nepal Wrap, Magazine 54
by Kate Davies...

Kate wrote a wonderful blog post about this design...read it here.....

The Nepal Wrap uses just 3 shades of Rowan Fine Tweed yarn.....
but I have 10! absolutely gorgeous shades!

It's been a while since I bought this yarn....I LOVE ALL OF THE SHADES...

I don't know about you, but I am a fickle knitter....
things catch my eye, projects are always being added to my queue,
pushing projects down the list...
and sometimes moving things off the list entirely!

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

I have just a little tiny bit of my Mary from Rowan 54 to finish before I start my next project.

So I have time to make a decision.....

What is a knitter to do!


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  1. The balls are so ROUND, I love them! I, too, don't have any local access to Fine Tweed, and have never seen a ball in person. :( ENJOY!!

    1. They are so cute Dayana, I almost don't want to mess them up by knitting with them!

  2. Buy more yarn and make both! I have never seen the Fine Tweed in person but I clicked on the link, beautiful, the colors are gorge.

    1. You are my kind of Knitter Kristen :)

  3. Rowan Fine Tweed is gorgeous and looks lovely knitted up.

    Think the model in the first photo is not a knitter, because if she was she'd be looking at the yarn!

    1. You are so right! She should be yarn petting, touching, admiring :).

  4. Remember when I first used this yarn and I said it was like string?! Silly me. The colours ARE outstanding. I included a few of them in the Kaffe Gridlock pillow and they made the design pop. BUY MORE!

    1. Oh dear, another vote to buy more :)


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