Spring Break

It's Spring here....cool in the mornings, warm, sometimes hot in the afternoon. We have already had some of those hot humid days I really don't like....but it's all part of the 4 seasons here in Southern Ontario.

While I take a short blog break....getting the garden in order, catching up on reading my favourite authors, early morning walks with L and D, I'll be sharing on Instagram...here and on Facebook too. You can click on any photo for more details. My +RowanYarns Pure Linen sweater is done...it is gorgeous...and I'll be posting photos of it soon...along with a bit of a travel diary.

Stop by and catch up every once in a while.....I'll be back full throttle in July with the new Rowan Fall/Winter releases...until then....stay safe and don't forget to enjoy every minute!

Anne x
With Lackie and Daisy, sitting by the back door, waiting for someone to open it!


  1. Enjoy your blog break and all the adventures you have planned for the next month, Anne! I'll be following you on Instagram and Facebook.

  2. Thanks Kristie! The summer just flies by.....we complain when it doesn't get here fast enough, we complain when it is too hot :) then we complain because it passed so fast. I am determined...yes determined....to enjoy EVERY day!


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