Serious illness recurrence......

It's called Rowanitis......I had it before, fought it off, but it's back big time LOL! When I first starter to knit was the cover of Rowan 11 that caught my eye. I knew that the sweater was way above my skills at that time, but I just had to have's still in a Rubbermaid storage box down in the basement...I bring it out every once in a while to fondle lovingly.....even though I know now I will never knit's in cotton you see, and one thing I have learned over the years......I do not like to knit cotton....and intarsia in way.....
I knit a swatch and there it lies..........waiting for a knitting prince/princess to wake it up and finish knitting it. If anyone is interested, make me an offer -- I know the original yarns were about $300 at the time....but I'd be happy with an offer of $100 (shipping extra). I'll just buy more Rowan yarn with it you see!

At one time I had every Rowan magazine, right from no. 1. I sold them to a dear friend who also has I know they have a good home. I was happy with my decision, but when I heard that it was Rowan's 30th Anniversary, and the anniversary book looked so intriguing, well, that's when it started.......this undeniable, irresistible craving for Rowan.

So I made a list of the Rowan magazines that I couldn't live without, and went on an e-bay buying spree! It was fun and I now have a smaller Rowan book collection, but I do have the ones that I truly love.
Happy knitting!


  1. Anne- Rowan does hold a special magic- doesn't it? I occasionally indulge in a magazine, and have some Vintage Rowans on my shelf-

    I'll have to check out the Anniversary book.

    Thanks.....I think.

  2. Oh! I'll have to check out the Anniversary book too! I like looking at all the sweaters in their fall/winter magazines. I have yet to knit one of their stranded sweaters... maybe this year! :)

  3. I know EXACTLY the cover sweater from Rowan 11! Red head, standing in pond, intarsia with flowers...correct? I'm tempted but trying to destash myself so I shall be good.

    I LOVE little birds too. What colours are you making?


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