APB - Soap and Felt Fibre Artist Wanted!

While at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival in 2008, I bought a hand made bar of soap, that was wrapped in felt -- it was dark orange with a brown design on it that looked like a shepherds cross......I've kept it in a drawer ever since.....until a few days ago....when I finally opened it and started using it in the bath.

It's lovely soap, and I really like the felt on it that acts like a wash cloth....but there was no identification in or on the bag that contained the soap.....an of course, I want more!

Anyone have any ideas?

Happy Knitting


  1. Heres a link to the 2008 vendors list:
    maby something will ring a bell. Cheers!

  2. I guess you'll have to go back!

    Wooly just saw Eshaness on you side bar...
    Didn't you make that?!
    Yes, this is Anne's blog.
    Say 'hi' to her for me!
    Hi Anne! :)

  3. There was someone selling those at one of our local craft fairs I could track down for you too, if you like. I wish I'd bought some, I'd meant to go back at the end of the day but spaced it.


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