Help the Poor Struggler

Published in 1985

"The little girl stood in her flannel nightdress holding the telephone receiver. She carefully dialed the numbers her mother always did when she wanted the operator."

Introducing Chief Superintendent Brian Macalvie of the Devon-Cornwall constabulary.

"Who the hell are you?" are his first words to Jury.

Macalvie is sure that two current cases are somehow tied in to a 20 year old murder that had been blamed on a young medical student and sent him to Dartmoor prison. Macalvie was sure he didn't do it, but had been unable to prove it......and it still bothered him.

Despite Macalvie's independent ways, he and Jury form a working partnership....and even more surprisingly, Macalvie and Wiggins become inseparable - it must be the Fisherman's Friends.

Not surprisingly, Jury calls upon his friend "an Earl with a Silver Ghost" to befriend Jesse, the young orphaned heiress who lives with her Uncle, a string of governesses, and a garage full of fabulous autos..........

Jury is sure that somehow she is part of the puzzle.

Happy Reading!


  1. When I returned my last books to teh library I didn't bring any home--cut into my knitting and cleaning and gardening time. next time. glad to hear you are starting up the yarn business again.


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