I've renewed ownership to and have moved it to Explornet as my web site host.....unfortunately, Explornet hasn't been able to tell me why I can't publish to my web site using Frontpage (which I've been using for the past 8 years).

My tech guy tells me that a friend of his can publish to my web site, so sorry, he can't help me - LOL!!!

So for now, no until I get this sorted out -- or I create a new web site with different software.....any suggestions ???? anybody????


  1. Sorry, not a clue.

    Does this mean you are tentatively going back into the yarn sale business? Because I need some Henry VIII yarn...

  2. I'm a computer dummy.

    I need yarn for Tamarind...
    but no pressure, I'm just too lazy to order from someone else. :)

  3. a bit harder but useable is microsoft, just put it onto web format. Thats what I've been using. If you need helo with using front page, I could ask my brother if he can help you.
    Cheers! BTW I heard you were in the shop! I wasnt there :( maby next time?


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