The Old Silent

Published in 1989

He had seen her earlier that day in the museum behind the parsonage.

Jury is on his way back from Leeds.....but he's tired, he's irritable, he's making bad decisions, and he can't he's decided to have a couple of days of anonymity in Haworth Yorkshire - Bronte country.

He's intrigued from the first glance.....and when she pulls out a gun and shoots her husband in the dining room of The Old Silent inn - he's a witness.
Although it's not his case, Jury just can't let go....and he takes sick leave to do some unofficial investigating himself.....he just doesn't understand why she would do it......

There's a wool connection in this book too -- the Citrine money had come from the woolen mills.

Plant is in the area, having just dropped Aunt Agatha off to visit her friend Teddy in of course he wanders over to see what's happening with his friend Jury.

Jury is in The Old Silent, but the inn is full (everyone wants to see where the murder took place) and he's at a quaint little B&B down the road....where he meets a brash New York writer who wears black leather and drives her Harley with admirable ability.

There is a lot of music trivia in this book.....Macalvie is here again with his Elvis and Wiggins demonstrates a depth of knowledge of the music scene........

It all started 8 years ago with the kidnapping of her step-son (not her real son everyone kept saying) his dog, and his best friend. She had refused to pay the ransom, at Macalvie's suggestion, because even then she knew........


  1. I am reading the Old Silent now... it's wonderful.


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