finally.....some Knitting Progress

You might think with all the Martha Grimes book posts, that I've been neglecting my knitting......well, no I haven't LOL!!!

The Roscalie vest is progressing nicely.......when I'd finished the body I did have a little stall before I started the armhole and V-neck shaping. This is one of the points where I usually get stalled....along with sleeves (a whole other issue -- I still have to put sleeves on my Mossbank...and I think there that is where my Water Lily pullover is stalled too) this case because I am deviating from the pattern as written.

Roscalie is no different -- I wanted the shoulders to not stick out over my shoulder line -- and with an inch of ribbing on the neckline and armhole side. So I've adjusted the armhole shaping, and the front neckline, and the back neckline........and have ended up with what looks like a very slim looking I was a little concerned.......but all turned out well.

I had to think....this is the first v-neck I've done........and it was an unusual looking piece of knitting before the steeks were cut. To commemorate this event, here's a video....

There has been a thread on the stranded group of Ravelry lately about the "wrong side" of stranded knitting and how it here's was Roscalie looks like on the back.

Happy Knitting!


  1. It looks fabulous Anne! And it's so much nicer having a good fit in the shoulders, it really "makes" the sweater as a whole fit well.

    And now back to your regularly scheduled reading? ;)

  2. I want to fairisle now........ :) Did I tell you Carol from the british shop is from shetland? oh.. and that I work there now lol. Roscaliy looks lovley!

  3. Really?! Your 1st v-neck?
    Sure is cool that you can customize it to fit the way you want. :)

  4. Anne- Your first v-neck? Can't be!


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