There was knitting.....

We were lucky - there were only 85 passengers on our ship when we left Bergen - 31 of those passengers were part of the Arena Group - either a quilter or a knitter - so we had lots of room to spread out!   Quilters on one side, Knitters on the other of the Observation Lounge and Bar on Deck 7.

Quilters on the Starboard side

Knitters on the Port side
Debbie Abrahams was the Rowan Knit Guru on board.  Debbie is known for her colourful and bead embellished designs.  She admitted that coming up with a design that was based on Norwegian traditional knitting was a challenge for her (ie no beads and limiting the colours used) - but she rose to the challenge, and came up with something totally spectacular! 

This bag is knit using Rowan Fine Tweed and the Purelife Sheep Breeds.  Included with the yarn were "beads" hand made by Debbie's Mom - seems talent runs in the family!

Although it wasn't a competition, and there was no prize for finishing first, knitting time was scheduled for every day and the concentration was intense! 

When it was noticed that Debbie had suggested (in the pattern booklet) that we might want to consider lining our bags....well, the Knitters started to scour the Quilting shops when we had time in our ports of while I've been posting, I've been finishing my bag.....and here it is!

I ended up with two fabrics for potential lining - a lovely black/white/gold/red trees and reindeer pattern, or a stylized heart motif fabric for the lining, with a striped braid to finish it off in true Norwegian style. 

Decisions, decisions LOL!

As you can see by the slideshow below - there was knitting worn on the tour too - you know I'm a Kate Davies fan and so is Juliet.


  1. Great pics of your Peerie Flooers ensemble, Anne! And your Vince Guaraldi sountrack is my favourite Christmas album (from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special). I am SO envious of your cruise. I was just pricing the cost to fly to Baltimore from Buffalo for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (first weekend of May 2012) and it's only $169 Cdn return including taxes!!!!! Just thought I'd share that with you.

  2. I love that bag! How did I miss it the last time I was on your blog? What great fun it must be to sit and knit with other knitters on a cruise and learn something along the way!

  3. What a fantastic trip!! I want to do that one and extend it to the Faeroe and Shetland too. Your pictures are just gorgeous!


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