2011 Wrap Up

This is a capture of my Ravelry Project Page - my 2011 projects.

My Asymmetric Cable Wrap was something totally different for me - it's done in a Cascade Baby Alpaca yarn - it's very nice but I haven't worn it much.

American Girl Doll garments - fun projects to knit up for two special little girls and their dolls.

Hats - Sheep Heid, Peerie Flooers and Caller Herrin - all by Kate Davies.  (I think you'll see more of her designs on my Ravelry project page.

Lots of Rowan - Anastasiya finished - but I don't like the neckline - I adjusted the neckline to be a deeper V and I don't like it - may have to make a pillow out of this sweater.

My Striped Surprise is based on a Rowan design, done in a Rowan yarn, so it's a Rowan - love this sweater and wear it a lot!

The Foolish Virgins Scarf - well I have to be honest with myself and admit that this is NEVER going to be knit - so I might rework this yarn in the Gridlock or Moody Blues cushions from Kaffe Knits Again.

I totally love Kidsilk Haze - so I will probably finished the Striped Surprise Scarf - it's an easy knit for when I just want to peacefully knit......but the Kidsilk Nightly....not sure now....and to think that I searched Ravelry to find the exact shade of Kidsilk Haze I wanted for this sweater...to match a silk tartan skirt.....sigh.

My Rambling Along has totally stalled on the sleeves - I didn't even take a photo of them - I might have to rethink this one.

The Warm Lindisfarne - well, I'll be finishing that one for sure - I love this design and I'm working the sleeves top down.

Not shown here are two Rowan projects that I decided to abandon  One was done in Rowan Sheep Breeds Moorit Chunky, the other in Rowan Felted Tweed - I have frogged the projects and the yarn is back in the stash.

So, for me, the word for 2012 is FOCUS!  Focus on what is important, spend your precious time on things that you love - admit when things aren't working out for you, spend your money wisely, be open to applying yourself to new things.  All of this applies to knitting....and when you think about it, are great rules to apply to your life in general!

A couple of you have indicated you'd like to participate in the yarn diet - if you'd like to join in....and you can set your own rules (you don't have to follow my rules - still to be determined LOL).....let me know and I'll link to you here on my blog.  That way we can check in easily with each other and see how things are doing.

Only 5 more days to the Great Yarn Diet of 2012 - I hope that yarn I ordered gets here before the end of the year - I don't want to start the year off on the wrong foot!

Happy Knitting,



  1. Hmm...my two girls left all four of their American Girl dolls here when they left home. Maybe it is time I start knitting for the dolls. Oh gosh! Too many projects and too little time. You had a GREAT knitting year, Anne!


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