Shetland Lambswool & Cashmere - Swatch 2

Hi! I've been away in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Hubby and I have never vacationed in this part of the US it was totally different for us.

Having conservative palates, we were delightfully surprised at the authentic Mexican food -- yes, some of it was hot, but in general it was just extra tasty! We loved our Green Chile and Cheese Hamburgers -- we'll be trying this ourselves.

Before I left, I was playing with swatching the Shetland Lambswool & Cashmere yarn to get proper gauge.

Here's swatch #2 -- 21 stitches and 31 rows per 10 cm - done on 4mm needles.

So for me, I'd probably try 4.25mm needles next to get both stitch and row gauge. Swatch 3!


  1. Welcome back! Santa Fe has long been on my list of places I must see before I die - was it wonderful?

  2. Anne- Did you have a nice time? What was the wool festival like?

    Good southwest food is terrific- I can't take hot either.

  3. Santa Fe?! How exciting! Any photos? purchases? recipes?
    I would like to go there someday..

    Oh! and yes, 4.25mm will be the winner! m :)

  4. Did you go to the Taos festival? We were so very close and didn't hook up! My sister and I were there for the weekend with our daughters. And, isn't Mexican food yummy?

  5. Do you rip out your swatches and re-use the yarn or use fresh yarn each time you make a new swatch? It looks like you make good size swatches (the way you're supposed to) and that's a lot of yarn!

  6. Ooooooooh. It is so gorgeous that I can almost *feel* it! :)

  7. Where in earth did you get this instrument?? That seem like the ultimate tool to meassure gauge!:-)

    I have never seen them with this box on....showing it digital here in Denmark!


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