Another view - just for Michele!

Here's Harry Bear from Harrods in the Wee Baby Bonnet.....just for you Michele!
He was living in the Harrods satellite store in the Heathrow Airport when we met......and was happy to immigrate to Canada.
This hat doesn't fit a him terribly well, but it did accommodate his ears. The hat is about 15" in circumference, and 4" from rib to crown and weights 22 grams. The colorway is 3 dark shades of one colour with a lighter shade for the highlight, 3 shades of a contrasting color, and 2 shades of the highlight color. Because this colorway is based on the 3 primary shades, it really pops -- blue, yellow and red.....just subdued a it would be easy to put together a colorway from your leftover fingering weight yarns.


  1. *Squeel* Ohhhh! Heeheehee! :D

    TOO CUTE! Now I've got to make that bonnet! Thanks Anne & Harry Bear!

  2. Anne- That's a great model.

    I guess Daisy was too quick for you.

  3. I think it fits Harry Bear just nicely! And besides, he needs his ears covered up in weather like this.



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