I couldn't resist!

When I saw the cover of Piecework, I loved the little Fair Isle bonnet by the Fair Isle guru Alice Starmore. I was trying to figure out where I could get Piecework, when I walked into my LYS and there it was! I couldn't believe it!

Although I have removed the sleeves of the hubby's Thwaite Jacket in preparation for shortening..........and I had intended to finish this before moving on.......I couldn't resist.

I obviously didn't use the yarns called for.....I used Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift. You can see in the photo that I decided to make the centre highlight rows a little darker blue than in the original as to me it seemed just a bit too light - personal choice. The ear flaps were done with short rows, and were attached to the hat after the rib was done.

So I used Royal, Cobalt, Clyde Blue and Teviot for the blues, Madder and Crimson for the reds, Yellow Ochre, Mustard and Gold for the golds. I quite like how it came out.......now to find a baby to model it!


  1. OOOhhh, how cute! It is a baby hat? Now one needs to grace my home, probably on a dolly, but who cares. Love it! Could you put a kit together for me in shades of teals and rose? I would be forever grateful. Off to the local B&N now to find the book!

  2. That turned out very cute!
    It's nice to see it after I have heard so much about it.

  3. Anne- Dare I say yours is an improvement on the original?

  4. Very cute! I'm thinking of making one for Mr K's brother, who's due in 3 weeks.

    Will Daisy or Caelee model it?
    Wait. Their ears might be a problem... how about a stuffed animal? doll?

  5. Anne, It is adorable!! I love Bev's idea of making it grown up size... Altho I do know A sweet little girl who could wear that size...hmmm...

  6. I've been thinking about knitting that hat, too! I like your modifications, Anne and I even think I have those colors in my stash. What a great stashbuster idea! My only concern was wondering if the yarn might be too scratchy for a baby's head........

  7. Cute! I've subscribed to Piecework for years so I got my copy in the mail last Saturday.

    I have not, however, whipped up that adorable baby bonnet yet. :)


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