Martin's Marvellous Mette

ha ha ha....alliteration, you gotta love it!

on a bright, but not sunny, cold day
Mette + Muddy = a rather warm combo!

Seriously, I thought I'd be freezing with a short-sleeved
 sweater over a long-sleeved cotton T shirt!

(so hard to get the right exposure)

I love this no button, knee length "duster" coat!

I was ridiculously warm....but when I took that scarf off,
boy was my neck cold!

Moral of the story? Your Mother was right...
Always wear your hat and scarf!

(you can tell, I am happy with my "Mette" cardigan!
and I love my "Muddy" scarf!)


(I used shade 252, Cavern)

in Rowan Brushed Fleece and Rowan Fur
(I used shade 092, Brown Bear)

Ravelry Links - Mette and Muddy

It's another snowy March day here!
While Lackie and Daisy LOVE IT!
Me...well, I'm dreaming of Spring and
looking at the new S/S designs....trying
to decide what to make my next project!

Happy Knitting!



  1. It's beautiful Anne! And a perfect fit! Aren't you glad you still have some winter left so you have a chance to wear it? :-)

    1. Hi Kristie! Well, that is one way of looking at it :) but you are right...this sweater scarf combo was made for the snow. I can't tell you how warm this scarf is! My down coat has been getting a lot of wear this year....and this scarf is just too warm to wear with it! The scarf looks great with my leather jacket, and it looks fabulous with this sweater! I am envious of your early Spring out there on the West coast have a lot of sweater wearing weather out there :)

  2. Love the pictures, love the yarn, love the duster (and I haven't heard that word in ages!), but really love your hair. It's so thick, what product please? Or is it a wig? :)

    1. Kristen, you cracked me up with the "Or is it a wig? :) ha ha, it's all mine :)

      This is right after a wash and blow dry.....I have thick dry hair and my best hair day is actually day 2 or sometimes day 3 after a wash. I have recently started using a new shampoo that helps calm my wavy hair...Smooth by Moroccan Oil....and I have noticed that my wavy hair is easier to blow dry. These photos really highlight the ombre effect I seem to have developed recently...the top is much lighter than the hair on the back of my head. I got the red hair from my Dad, but I'm going grey like my Mom...from the front at the back it is a bit the ombre look. Thanks for asking...I think :)


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