Palate Cleansers.....

In the world of good food, a palate cleanser is offered between cleanse the palate of lingering help you prepare you for the taste delights of the next course!

Sorbet is a traditional palate cleanser....
a light delicious pop of flavour that gets your taste buds
ready for the next course!

Want to be more adventurous? 

In Normandy, locals rely on apple brandy as a digestive aid.

Le trou Normand, or the Norman break,
is a fiery shot of Calvados right in the middle of the meal. 

Hmmm, Apple Brandy!

If you want to keep it simple, serve sparkling or still water, with a twist of citrus as a palate cleanser.

I can hear you saying.... "What does this have to do with knitting?"

Recently I have come to realize that small projects help me to cleanse my knitting palate so to speak. With a quick project that I can say is finished, I can go back to my main project with a regained enthusiasm for the next "course" of the project.

My pile of knit accessories testifies to me knowing this,
without really understanding why I found these small projects so satisfying!

I always thought I just liked wearing my small knit collections! :)

(I often take inspiration from something and go on to make a "collection" of matching accessories. The "Sheep Heid" hat by Kate Davies led to this cowl, and I think I have matching fingerless mitts somewhere too !)

My Follow Your Arrow 2 scarf was just that.  I loved the weekly clues, the opportunity to knit the clue and then go on to other things.

(I loved this so much that I am tempted to do the first Follow Your Arrow!)

Using a "portion control" approach to knitting the Earth Stripe Wrap is a palate cleanser of a different sort....knit the required number of rows per month and you know that you are on track to having a finished project by a specific time! 
Sitting down and knitting 5 feet of kidsilk haze stocking stitch
might otherwise not ever get done!

As a sweater knitter, I am usually in the middle of a large project, a sweater for either myself or the hubby....something that takes dedicated attention....and quite a bit of time to complete.  I personally find that I am losing my momentum, my joy let's say....because of the long periods between the "fiery shot" of  a being able to say yes, this is now a Finished Project!

One such project languishing is my Emley sweater...which I have vowed to finish before I turn the calendar page and start knitting for the Spring/Summer season.

Yes, my Emley just needs it's sleeves photos taken....and then I am on to something new and exciting. Today is the first official day of Spring! Yes it is! It's still chilly here, but the snow is melting!

I've already picked out my Spring/Summer project, but have vowed not to cast on until Emley is finished, done and dusted, an FP!!!

AND I've just completed another "palate cleanser" which I'm happy to share with you next time...ALSO I've already got my NEXT palate cleanser all lined up...ready to go...but honestly, I NEED to finished that Emley!

What is your favourite knit?
 Accessories (hats, scarves, mittens ? ) 
Shawls (a bigger commitment than an accessory, 
but not as much as a sweater?)
or are you a Sweater knitter?

Until next time,

Happy Knitting

on your project...
whether it be big or small...
just started or almost finished :)


with Lackie and Daisy at her feet :)

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  1. I love your "Sheep Heid" set!
    What yarn did you use for it?

    1. Anne, Life LackaDaisiCal25 March 2015 at 16:07

      I used Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift....all natural shades. The pattern calls for J& similar as to be almost exactly the same :)


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