What does one do......

When you have THE YARN, but no suitable pattern?

You decorate with it of course!


premium hand painted sock yarn
made with merino wool, kid mohair, polyamide & mulberry silk
each skein is approximately 400m (437 yards)
and it's gorgeous!

Thank you to Julie, owner of my LYS The Needle Emporium for this lovely gift!  

I came rushing home to look up patterns worthy of this gorgeous skein of yarn.  Look at those colours, look at the sheen, and you should feel how soft it is!  (Close your eyes, think of it brushing your cheek....can't you just feel it!)  Imagine what gorgeous socks, scarves, shawls and yes, sweaters this will make!

So although I am just itching to cast on, I've decided to wait for the corresponding patterns...patterns designed specially to show off this gorgeous yarn....

"The Fine Art Collection" pattern book is scheduled to be available April 22, the yarn, sorry you have to wait until May 1 (my birthday - it is so nice of Rowan to release this yarn on my birthday - imagine! :).

I know I am teasing you with this...let yourself get caught up in the excitement!

... the build up of anticipation!
... the joy of acquisition!
... the sheer bliss when everything comes together... sigh...

I'll have to be patient, you'll have to be patient, we'll ALL have to be patient....but it will be worth it!

Please feel free to register your complaints in the comments box below....I've just tweaked it to make it easier for you all to let me know what you think....why didn't I do this before? (because I didn't know I could silly....)

Happy Knitting


  1. Jealous! I want to touch it now!

    1. If I were only closer, I'd pop over with it right now for some knitting therapy and a tea!

  2. Gorgeous and I too am quite jealous! Be sure to give it an extra pet for me :)

  3. Oh! Can't you knit just a wee sample to tell us how it knits??? Pleeeez?

  4. Yarn envy!!! But thanks for the dates. Have been waiting for this yarn to be launched. Here's a pattern by Tabi Ferguson from Waterloo.


    Just been admiring it . . .

  5. Definately yarn envy. Beautiful colouring. I wonder how long it will take for it to be available here. Might have to find somewhere to order this one online.


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