Applöse: Marilyn - Rowan 53

Marilyn - Rowan 53
a design by Galina Carroll

using Rowan Purelife Revive
with accents of Rowan Summerspun

This Revive had been in my stash for a couple of years.  I bought it for a pattern, but changed my mind.  (How often has that happened to you?)  So it was there, waiting patiently for the perfect design.  When I first saw Marilyn, I loved the neckline and the striped detail...but it was a little too stripey for me, if you know what I mean.  

By changing the colourway to something with subtle contrast, I kept the integrity of the design, but made it my own. (Sometimes we can't see past the shades used in the original....tweaking the shades used in a design like this is easy to do.)

The only deviation from the pattern was this bust shaping that I incorporated - you can hardly see it but it makes a huge difference to how the sweater fits and hangs.

This added two inches to the front piece and gave me the fullness I required, where I required it, and allowed the hem to stay balanced (this is a sewing term I just learned while watching "The Great British Sewing Bee").
Happy Knitting!


  1. Very nice top and a great choice of colours! I find this issue 53 of the Rowan Magazine to be very successful, I can not count how many patterns I would love to knit.

    1. Thanks Maria!

      There is only so much time to knit.....I have 4 designs from Mag 53 lined up....and want them to be finished before 54 comes out!

  2. I love your color choice, looks great for every season.

  3. Thanks Kristin. This colour way is very neutral....great with beige, brown blue and I tried it on with dusty orange cords (yes!) and it looks great!


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