Gotta Love bloglovin'

I've used a few blog reader service type pages and they keep disappearing - rather annoying isn't it?

Right now my favourite is bloglovin

Once you've registered and you can search by blog name, and when you find it, just click the Follow button and bloglovin' adds it to your blog list.

You can organize your blogs into groups if you have multiple interests....

and you can go through your blogs from one screen - clicking through to the next blog to read, comment and keep on going!  It makes catching up on your favourite blogs so easy, and I have to say a lot quicker! (After all, we need more time for knitting - right?)

 Thank you Gail for suggesting bloglovin' - I'm really enjoying, er... Loving it so far!


  1. I agree, I'm new to it and find I'm lovin' it too!


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