Flat or Round?


What's your preference - knitting flat pieces and sewing them together

OR knitting in the round, seamlessly.....

Inquiring minds want to know!

(Actually, this was inspired by a lovely sweater on Ravelry....that the knitter had converted to be knit in the round (from a conventional knit this sweater in pieces pattern).

If you have anything you'd like to add to your vote(s), leave a comment here!

Happy Knitting!


  1. Definitely seamless top down.

  2. I find that a garment stitched together lies better than one knitted in the round. At least on me ;) And I can't knit top down as I make things up (including the pattern, hehe) as I go along. I f I start at the top and the neck looks bad then I am stuck, aren't I!.
    I normally use patterns as guidelines really.

  3. Hi Anne, like the two commenters above me I also prefer in the round, top down is best but I'll knit bottom up too. I still knit about half of my sweaters flat because I find so many that I like that are written flat. I applaud the knitters that can convert them but I've never tried it. I think so many people don't like seaming which I don't mind too much, just mind it a little! Also, top down you can try on as you go, that's a plus.

  4. My preference is in the round. It is such a nice feeling to cast off and be finished. However, some designs benefit from seams, and some, such as Aran weight cable jumpers would strain the arms and shoulders kit in the round. Whatever method I use to knit, I always use circular needles - it's more ergonomic and more practical when knitting in cramped places such as trains!


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