Vintage...the fabulous never gets old!

Vintage is everywhere!

My ramblings in the world of Pinterest lead me to places I'd never find any other way.  Through a new "follower" on Pinterest that is obviously interested in knitting (she just started following My Rowan Projects, Knit inspiration, Rowan Love and my Kaffe Fassett boards)  I clicked through to her Boards,  found her Knitting Fabulous board and this image of a spectacular Kaffe Fassett coat!

This picture was Pinned by Claire from the "They Roar Vintage" web site.  So of course I had to follow the Pin and visit.  Check out their etsy shop here.

(I searched and NO, they do not have this sweater in their Etsy shop....I wonder if they ever did....and IF they did, did they know what they had?)

Everything is cyclical....what went around comes back around....well, Vintage is IN!

Want to create your own vintage look?

This one is just out - by Jane Crowfoot
(I met her at Stitchtopia 
and was so happy I took crochet classes with her!)
You can see all of the lovely knit and crochet designs
 on the Homespun Vintage page on Knit Rowan.

Another kind of Vintage - 
Vintage Kim Hargreaves - from the Rowan Archive
for fans of Kim Hargreaves now.

Sarah Hatton fans will appreciate
her take on "Vintage" -
Known for her simple shapes with style!

They say if you wore it the first shouldn't wear it when it comes back round.  Hmmmm....I'll have to think about that.....

Happy Knitting!



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