Spring around Life LDC...

Life LDC - that's my new acronym for "Life LackaDaisiCal" - like it?  (It's easier and quicker to type too!)

Spring has sprung.  Last week it was freezing rain and snow....this week the temperature is rising and when the heat meets the cold, well that means thunderstorms.  It's only April and gardening doesn't seriously start around here until May 24 - just in case of frost.  Clean up however does start as soon as you can get out there. 

With the storm last week and the neighbour's trees coming down over and near our fences.....the DH has been out with his chain saw.  Part of the one tree has fallen over our fence and onto some old cedars that are there to block the view of the road.  Men like chain saws......that's all I have to say....

This was a huge tree - and it has been rotting at this point for years
....the neighbours chose to ignore it and it finally came down.
 Luckily most of it stayed on their property....but quite a bit was hanging over our
fence and crushing the cedars....DH is in there somewhere!

Because it was so beautiful out, and I wanted to keep an eye on the DH....I decided to give Lackie and Daisy a bit of a groom out on the deck, in the sunshine.  Talk about mult-tasking!  (Keeping an eye out in case of accident, dog grooming and getting my vitamin D all at the same time!)

Lackie isn't as good at the grooming thing as Daisy is, so it's a bit of a struggle - double halter to hold him and lots of treats and "Good Boy" comments to soothe him.  We did quite a bit today, but he's not finished yet.

It's nesting time and I have put out 3 "yarn balls" full of yarn ends.
In one of them I put a bit of Lackie trimmings!
It will be interesting to see if the birds go for it.  What do you think? 

One day of lovely weather and today we are back to cold and windy....and yes, the possibility of snow tonight!

I just wanted to say that sometimes I feel that the whole blog thing is so pointless in the big scheme of things.  The bombs going off at the Boston Marathon put me right back to 9/11 when we were in the UK, all flights were grounded and we just wanted to be back home. Today we have been watching what's turning into a nightmare for a lot of people in the Boston area.  I hope this all ends soon...

Blogging is my way of celebrating the simple things in life - we need to do that more often as every day is precious! Stay safe and enjoy every day! 


  1. Aaaah, Spring. I remember that! Just after we left Poland on Monday, the temps there rose to 21 degrees! Winter to summer in one clean sweep!!

    I tried putting out loose felt from the dryer, dog hair and birdies ignored it completely ;)

    1. It is snowing this morning.....I had just put my heavy coat in the "to be cleaned or the season" pile! Oh well....

      If my birds go for the yarn I'd be so happy...I bought those fancy balls specifically :)

      Oh well, they look cute....hanging in the tree.....

  2. I know, sometimes it feels silly to carry on with our regular lives when tragedy is so apparent, but life does go on. Luckily he is caught, I've been staying up watching CNN and now time for bed. I like your bird nest materials. I imagine you'll have some pretty nests very soon!

    1. I hope so Kristin!

      (I stayed up too...until I heard that he'd been found and was in custody....)

  3. Brave you to groom Lackie and daisy yourself! I would never, ever attempt grooming Fergus. He would end up looking like he was having the worst hair day ever. :-)

    I feel the same about my blog - it is a place I want to celebrate the simple things that make life so very good. I think we all need to remember there is a lot of goodness in the world. It just doesn't make the evening news. Reading blogs about people enjoying their crafts, their pets, their homes, or whatever else life has to offer adds some balance to the bad stuff we get inundated with.

    1. The breeder is a friend, she lives next door, so she helped me get started. I don't groom them up like show dogs, but I did do that on Daisy for a couple of years when I showed her...and then again when she was doing commercials for Cesar dog food....yes, she was Maggie for a time....

      Now I just keep them looking good (to me) and not too short - because I like them a little shaggy looking!

      Try it - you might find you like it - and seriously, some of the professional grooms I've had on them have been awful....so that's why I try and do them myself...just a little bit at a time!


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