More new stuff to share!

Along with my 7th year Blog anniversary, I decided to move My Lackadaisical Life back to here it is....please update your bookmarks.

I've been tweaking and freshening up my'll see I've added my Twitter feed....quick photos of my knitting, Lackie and Daisy antics, things I love the look of, whatever catches my eye and perhaps my camera - there it is top right - this is an automatic update - instantly - I take a photo and Twitter feeds it right here to my blog page - HOW COOL IS THAT!  So even when I'm not doing an official blog post, I might tweet about what I'm doing right this yesterday, when L&D were getting all excited at the sound of the Tweet!  Too Funny!

The Ravelry button so that you can go to my Ravelry page and check out my projects
....friend me there if Ravelry is your primary social network.
WARNING:  Ravelry can be addictive!

In addition to featuring my Rowan Love and Rowan Projects boards (on the right)
I've also added a link to my Pinterest page where you can see all of my Pinterest boards.
You can follow me on Pinterest if that's where you like to hang out.
WARNING:  Pinterest can be addictive!  
AND, what's that you see? A big Facebook logo....which takes you to the brand new....

My Lackadaisical Life Facebook page! 

Why a Facebook page you ask?  Well, this Facebook page will allow those of you who prefer Facebook to "Like" this page and get their updates via Facebook.  That way you will ONLY get my Lackadaisical Life updates....not all of my other Facebook stuff....and if you are one of my knitterly Facebook friends, I would appreciate it if you Liked my page and followed me there.

So if Facebook is where you like to hang out,
 I hope you'll like my page and join me there!

So one last thing to do, but I was so excited about everything I just had to share this now.

Lastly, I am busy compiling all of the blogs I follow...right now I'm going to Ravelry and checking out my friends blogs there, and going on Facebook and checking things out there, and I have a few bookmarked....too many places to check I know I am missing I think I need to use a blog reading service what?  What do you guys use?  What do you like about it?  Help me to get my blog reading organized!


  1. It's looking really nice Anne. I used to use google reader but it's going the way of the Dodo bird at the end of June. I just switched over to Bloglovin and so far it's ok.

    1. Thanks Gail! I've seen Bloglovin mentioned quite a bit.....I'll have to have a look at it...thanks!

  2. Enjoy your blog - and especially the report of your trip to England. You are a talented knitter.
    I've just started using a web-based feed, I signed up for a standard free account.


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