And the winner is.....

Daisy did the draw for the Marie Wallin Winter Crochet CAL! 


You know when you really need to do something....things always go awry? 

Well, this morning was one of those mornings....

First...skunk! The dogs were surprisingly quiet....but Lackie was running around the house sniffing everywhere and there was a subtle, but totally recognizable, smell of skunk! We do have one in the neighbourhood, that occasionally visits our yard....drives the dogs crazy and we think MAY BE LIVING under our front porch!

Right now there is a skunk trap out 2....we will see if the NIMBY man (Not In My Back Yard) will earn his payment!

Then, this morning my printer will not I hand wrote the big deal...but fiddling with the printer for half an hour just to print a page is rather frustrating.

Daisy...well, Daisy wasn't in the mood to do a draw today....maybe her sense of smell was interfering....if I can smell a touch of skunk....she probably can really smell it....

I trimmed the draw video down as she kept sticking her nose in and rummaging but not pulling anything....finally three got nosed out and as soon as I started to round them up she grabbed one....and that was the winner!

The winner is cutty-sark on Ravelry and she has been notified by private message!


(with Lackie and Daisy at her feet - seriously - with their Canada Day bandanas on!)


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