YouTube is the new black!

You know the phrase.....basic black, black goes with can never go wrong with black!

Well, YouTube is the new black! You can find everything on YouTube! Yes you can!

(Remember, I learned to crochet via You Tube...yup, a 60+ year old CAN LEARN NEW THINGS! and a lot of this new information comes from You Tube!) Here's my "Learn to Crochet" post....with the links that YOU might want to follow to learn to crochet! You are NEVER too old to learn new things!)

Music Videos, old movies, concert footage....I go to YouTube to see what I can find!

Welcome to the world of Video Bloggers (or podcasters)

After The Edinburgh Yarn Festival, I searched on You Tube and was amazed at how many video podcasters had travelled to this event. Aha, a podcaster lounge! These "Podcasters" are celebrities in their world of video blogging and they were there in the lounge to connect to each other and to meet and greet their followers!

Searching for Edinburgh Yarn Festival will bring up so many You Tube Podcasts...that to be honest, I am not going to list them here. I don't want to leave anyone out and I don't want to influence you in your choice of Podcaster to follow! Each Podcast has a "feel" of it's own....some are individuals, some are a group who podcast together, some it's like sitting down in the living room with your knitting and chatting with this person! There is a huge range of personalities....some are pretty strong ....eccentric you might say, others are soft and demure, they all have distinctive personal styles that are instantly recognizable!

Watching a video podcast is like having a knit night out, without the out part! Make a cup of tea, get your knitting and let yourself fall into the world of knit podcasters! They share their recent FOs, their stash acquisitions, their new projects, and their frogged projects. (Hint: Keep a pencil and paper handy to write down names of podcasts that may be mentioned.....they all know each other and until you know everyone, it pays to keep notes.)

Video podcasts are produced with minimal editing...maybe an intro and some cutting throughout. They are chattier and feel like you are sitting down together in your living room.

There are also You Tube Channels!

What's the difference you might ask.....well, it's subtle....

You Tube Channels have a more "polished" feel....they have theme music, an intro that you recognize and have a more refined production level. There is usually a bit of self promotion to sell a product or a service. There is a purpose behind the production.

Just my opinion...feel free to educate me :)

Through my research, I have found a few Channels that I have subscribed to. Subscribe means that I get notification of new uploads. Make sure you click on the thumbs up when you like something on You helps get that video promoted in the You Tube world. (Also, if you want to help the owner of the channel monetarily, watch the add for at least 20 seconds before you skip it :) )

Here are some of my favourite You Tube Channel hangouts!


Fruity Knitting - Andrea and Andrew, Australians living in Germany, chatting and knitting together on the couch! I love this "show" and the level of production is excellent. They talk about their knitting (Andrew is a recent convert to the craft.) Andrea is an experienced knitter who customizes the fit of her sweaters and creates superb finished objects! An episode might include coverage of a recent walk in a German village or woods!

Each episode, Andrea interviews someone in the fibre world - a designer or a yarn producer! Each episode features a "Knitter of the World" and sometimes "Extreme Knitting" is featured! Their walking adventures out and about in Germany are featured!

Andrea also does project tutorials and technique videos!

Music plays a big part in this's understandable as Andrea is a singing teacher and has a cd "Serenity, Songs for the Soul"'s rather lovely.

Fruity Knitting has a Ravelry Group where they run KALs and discuss each episode and the Fruity Knitting web site where detailed show notes are posted.

Fruity Knitting produces a program twice monthly. The level of production is high....and it's obvious the amount of time and effort that goes into this "show". Fruity Knitting runs a Patreon program where listeners can financially support the program with a monthly contribution...check it out! There are three levels of support and I'm happy to say that for the cost of one fancy coffee a month....I am a Hebridean patron!

Kammebornia - Pia is the Queen, and Dennis is the King of their lifestyle kingdom - Kammebornia! Living in Gotland, Sweden, Pia and Dennis knit, design, produce books, and share their amazing location with us!

This is produced in Swedish with English subtitles. The production is reliant on their kids to help out with filming and delays are inevitable with conflicting busy schedules!

There is a Kammebornia Ravelry group which focusses on Pia's designs and the books that they are involved in the production of.

I love watching these two...they are adorable...and I give them credit for speaking English here and there....I can't speak more than a couple of words of different way to go Kammebornia!

ARNE & CARLOS - Knitting, Home, Gardening & Lifestyle

I love these guys! I discovered Arne & Carlos while on a trip to Norway - their "55 Christmas Balls to Knit" book caught my eye and came home with me. A&C are multi-talented, super creative and their channel covers all aspects of their creative life in Norway!

Watch Arne & Carlos knit, create hand made journals, embroider needle cases, show you their garden, how to's of all sorts! They upload a video weekly!

Arne & Carlos have their own line of sock yarn with Regia - it's very colourful!

They have a web site.....Arne and Carlos! There is a fan Ravelry group to discuss all things Arne & Carlos!

Kristy Glass Knits! Kristy lives in NYC and she loves a good yarn bomb!

Kristy shares what's new and trending in the cosmopolitan fibre world.....and interviews fibre personalities, talks about her current projects, she knits and crochets! One of the first videos that I watched was her "Show Me Your Rhinebeck Sweater" video!

Kristy is enthusiastic and covers all aspects of the fibre world! She has started a Ravelry group Kristy Glass Knits.

Espace Tricot is a knit shop in Montreal. The owners, Lisa and Melissa, one lives in Montreal, the other in New York! They talk about new products that have arrived (accessories and yarn), show you new store samples, give you ideas of how they run their business!

I have to be honest here....I love these two and I love this shop! But I'm not about to jump in a car and travel to Montreal regularly! When I see something I like, I go right to my LYS and ask if they have it! So, all store owners can thank the Espace Tricot ladies for producing these videos!

Space Tricot moderates their Espace Tricot Yarn Lovers Ravelry group and there is a lovely web site....Espace Tricot!

The Kilted Coaches

I think I found Stephen and Rab because of searching for "Outlander" on YouTube. Outlander with kilts...lead to the Kilted Coaches...totally reasonable, right?

Two personal trainers, who wear kilts, offering "Mindset Mondays", "52 Ways to Cook Porridge" and yes, workout videos!

Even though I'm not big into exercise....these guys have made me think! I love their "Mindset Mondays! Like, change one thing at a time...get that under control and move on. I've taken this to heart with drinking more water....most of us do not drink enough water...and gosh, it really does make a difference!

All of their videos are informative and fun....and yes, these guys have a purpose.

The Kilted Coaches are marketing their on-line personal training program....LEaN, Lifestyle, Exercise and Nutrition! It sounds good, and I have to say that their personalities would make it easy to take. They have a shop full of Kilted Coaches branded merchandise!

Two good looking, fit men in kilts!  What more could you ask for?

Stephen and Rab are celebrating one year since they started their YouTube channel. They have built a great following with their engaging style.

Warning: These guys like to take off their kilts....and the comments on their videos can be a bit blue....but it's all good fun!

So, there you go...full disclosure!!! It's going to be a rainy weekend here and I might just be surfing the YouTube channel.....what do you watch on YouTube?

Happy Knitting,

Anne x
(with Lackie and Daisy at her feet)

PS:  Current Project Update: I've almost finished my Amaryllis pieces! So I'm setting a personal goal to have this sewn up and done by the end of May! Can I do it? I must finish this as my knit queue and schedule for 2017 is jam packed!


  1. Wow Anne this is really an interesting Post! In case I ever will have finished my Kaffe KAL afghan then I will have a look to these YouTube Podcasts and channels

    1. I know Ute! Too much stuff, too little time! Obviously, I spent way too much time on YouTube! :)

  2. Thanks for these YouTube suggestions, Anne. This definitely seems to be the latest trend. I was aware of a couple of the ones you mentioned, but several are new to me, so I will check them out. Including the one with the guys in kilts, in spite of the fact it has nothing to do with knitting. :-)

    1. Googling EYF really exposed me to video bloggers. Aha, the Kilted Coaches make me want to move to Scotland! I've always thanked my Dad for being a brave and immigrating after the war. As I get older, I wonder what life would have been like if we'd stayed....different for sure! Scotland back then versus Scotland now.....


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