Knitters need Entertainment!

If you are like me, if you are are knitting - right? Once you've got that stitch pattern down pat or when you are knitting swathes of beautiful fine gauge stocking stitch, you NEED entertaining!

My latest project, Amaryllis by Marie Wallin (from her Springtime Collection) is an interesting combination of challenging knitting, followed by LOTS of stocking stitch! The charted border of the body and the sleeves.....has some tricky irregular spacing...caught me out I have to admit! Then there are those LONG floats! But once those borders are's all stocking stitch....knitting to motor along with!

Thank goodness for our modern technology!

Technology today makes it EASY to keep yourself entertained while knitting! You can watch a favourite DVD (the more times you watch a DVD the less you actually have to watch it - as you are knitting you see the movie in your mind even though you might not be watching the screen! I'm right aren't I???) 

You can Download! (iTunes is a favourite or Sony!) I tend to save purchased downloads for sharing with the hubby...a Saturday night, me and my knitting, hubby and I watching a new (for us) movie...maybe one that we wanted to see in the theatres but missed...we know we want to see it but we don't want to own a DVD of it. 

Or, you can borrow a DVD from your Library! I'm amazed at how fast our Library gets copies of the new release movies! I have to watch the due dates though.....the fines for overdue DVDs can add up!

Then there is NETFLIX!  I LOVE NETFLIX! (You MUST have unlimited download....make sure you have unlimited download before you fall down the NETFLIX hole!)

Why is Netflix so popular? Binge watching!!!! You can just keep those episodes going if you are on a roll with your knitting. You can pause (for tea and comfort breaks) and with the touch of a button you are back in the groove!

My absolute favourites right now on Netflix.....

Outlander My goodness, be still my heart! (Seasons 1&2 on Netflix now!) Warning - some graphic scenes....but definitely part of the story. A Love Story that Season 1 was fabulous, Season 2 - a bit wishy washy for me....ended on a high so I can't wait for Season 3! 

Trapped A small community in Iceland...a get the picture! (Lots of lovely Icelandic knitting here.)

Death in Paradise NO Knitting as this is a light murder mystery series set on the Caribbean island of Saint Marie. Bring in a Detective Inspector from Britain to head up the team at the local police station. (There have been two British detectives so far....with a third scheduled for Series 7.) 

River  I tried to write a brief summary of this but everything turned into a JUST WATCH IT!

Marcella another great one that is hard to describe!

The Department Q Movies! “The Keeper of Lost Causes”, “The Absent One”, and “A Conspiracy of Faith” based on Jussi Adler Olsen books! If you like dark, graphic, nordic noir!

Broadchurch (the original British version) David Tennant later went on to do a version in the US - but the original is the UK version. Series 1 and 2 on Netflix! They just showed Series 3 on UK TV. (Series 3 will be the last!)

The Fall - gave me goose bumps. Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan!!

Sherlock - with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman - a totally unique twist on the Sherlock stories! 

The Detectorists - for a bit of comedy relief! Two friends who are metal detector enthusiasts!

Once Upon a Time - for fairy tale fantasy with a twist 

Bloodline, Breaking Bad, when everyday life goes bad!

Along with so many of my old favourites....all of the Star Trek series, Firefly, Midsomer Murders.


What are your favourite Netflix series?

Until next time,

Happy Knitting,

Anne (x with Lackie and Daisy at her feet)

PS: We do not have cable tv here - so we have limited channel access via a digital antennae! In the days before Netflix, when knitting I'd watch a DVD or just turn on the tv and surf until I found something reasonably suitable. Netflix allows me to watch what I want, when I I feel that I'd be watching something while knitting right - might as well be something I want to watch! Netflix is totally reasonable and the selection is pretty amazing, even here on Canadian Netflix! A couple of friends have told me they are scared to get Netflix....they worry about binge watching. If you feel you are watching too much tv, you are in control of the remote, turn it off!!!! Moderation is the key in all things in life - get up and move knitters!

PPS: Amaryllis Update! I've finished the back and both sleeves! Now come the cardigan fronts, with the large motif which is a mashup of fair isle and intarsia technique! You're knitting back and forth, knitting the background shade (Camel for me) back and forth, while picking up and dropping the motif shade (Maritime in my case) leaving it ready for the return pass! This isn't really intarsia....I'd say it was more of an insert of fair isle in an area of a plain vanilla stocking knitting! The trick is to lock down that pattern yarn so that it doesn't pull at the beginning or end of a section of stranded work! I'm just finishing the border of the left I'll be starting this fun bit soon...wish me luck!


  1. I have been quite enthralled with Scandinavian murder mysteries and can recommend:
    Lava Field (Icelandic), stunning Icelandic scenery
    Bordertown (Finnish),
    The Bridge (Danish/Swedish), and have just started watching
    The Case (Icelandic).
    Dicte (Danish) is also good.

    I can also recommend:
    Line of Duty,
    The Killing,
    The Fall,
    The Investigator,
    The Principal,
    The Crown (about young Queen Elizabeth),
    The African Doctor,
    Club de Cuervos,
    Narcos, about 'El Chapo' - Mexican drug kingpin
    Doctor Foster

    Homeland is also very good but kind of lost its way after Season 2. Also Scandal, Last Tango in Halifax, and Call the Midwife.

  2. I love that you love the Detectorists!
    I'm not sure what is on Netflix or not but also :
    Delicious (with Dawn French)
    Hinterland (Welsh but like a Scandi Noir)
    Sun Records (Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis etc. when they were young)
    The Good Karma Hospital (Amanda Redman & set in India)
    The Durrells (set in Corfu in the '50's/Lawrence & Gerald Durrell as children)
    The Halcyon (luxury hotel in London during the war)
    Apple Tree Yard (thriller set in London)


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