Celebrating 2017!

My Fair Isle Cushion project is finished, washed, dried, and it's
a bit larger than the 20x20" pillow insert I bought....what's a knitter to do?
While I ponder......

I searched up and down the Ottawa St. fabric shops
(a street in Hamilton known for fabrics and bric-a-brac)
and found this on a clearance table - only $5 a yard!
The colours are perfect for my cushion back!

This has been a fabulous project - picking up and knitting each section of fair isle off of the previous bit of knitting....sort of like quilting! Marie used this technique in her Fairisle Club 2 blanket....which is absolutely stunning (I saw it in real life at the workshop). Since I haven't yet finished my Fairisle Club 1 blanket, I MUST RESIST Fairisle Club 2! Yes, I MUST!

Just because I'm resisting, you don't have to! There are still spaces available here!

At the workshop, I loved seeing the garments knit up! Some that I'd dismissed are now high up on my "I'd really like to knit that" list! We even got a preview of a new design....Marie was wearing it!

Clover, an intricate fitted textured design, in Rowan Felted Tweed (shade 196, Barn Red)
Get your copy of Clover here!
Another new one......Posy, an a-line allover cabled design, in Rowan Felted Tweed 
(shade 183, Peony)
Get your copy of Posy here!
to Celebrate 2017, I've got a SIGNED copy of Marie's "Once Upon a Time" here for you

Leave a comment with the name of the design Marie is wearing in the photo above... and your Ravelry name so that I can reach you! I'm also running this same draw on Facebook (with a twist), so you can enter there also!

I'll draw from all entries on January 31, 2017!

Good luck!

Anne (with Lackie and Daisy at her feet)



  1. Clover, Marie looks lovely in it. So nice of you to have this raffle. My Ravelry name is LadyEEKnits.

  2. The design is Clover and my Ravelry name is lindarumsey.

  3. Clover, a beautiful design. I have the pattern and it is on my to do list after I finish Petal. Barbara (applesnow)

  4. Clover and my Ravelry name is Ivyangel!


  5. The sweater she's wearing is Clover. Thanks for the chance to win the Once Upon a Time book. :-)

    I love your Fair Isle pillow cushion! I wonder if IKEA might have an pillow insert that would fit. ??

    kristieinbc on Ravelry

  6. Clover looks like an ideal sweater to get me back knitting - my ravelry name is spinwrite.

  7. Your pillow is beautiful. The colours blend beautifully.

    Clover is the sweater Marie is wearing. My Ravelry name is meveringham

    Happy New Year.

  8. It's a beautiful design by Marie called Clover, my ralvelry name is wildheart

  9. Marie is wearing clover. Love your pillow and would like to get a peak at your fairisle blanket , please. My ravelry name is chrissc

  10. Clover - gorgeous by the way. Love the cushions shown! My Ravelry is rosebufton

  11. Clover!& lovely it is too!😉😉


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