November Travels....

Travelling alone can be a bit daunting.
It's lovely to know there is someone waiting for you when you arrive.
Thank you for your hospitality and generosity!

After a day to get my time zones organized,
we ventured out to the 
Whitchurch Silk Mill!

Rows and Rows of fabulous silk bobbins!
I LOVED how they used them as flower vases in the cafe there!

A weaver was working on this loom...aren't the shades glorious!
We wondered if the bobbins strung across were there as decoration.....silly us!
We got to see the weaver making a repair to one of the warp threads....
all of the shades of silk used in this piece,
are right there for her to reach up and take off a bit! Handy eh?

Then the great adventure began with the drive north to Harrogate!
As well as breaking up the drive....

The Harrogate Knitting and Stitching show was on and
was an opportunity not to be missed!

A wander around Harrogate always includes a stop at Bettys for tea!

The town is beautifully decorated and the shop windows are magical!

Stay tuned for the next instalment!

Happy Knitting,

(with Lackie and Daisy a bit miffed that I left them, but they are coming round)


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