The "Core" Rowan

Rowan has decided to focus on a select "Core" group of yarns. 20 of them!

This core group includes all the classic Rowan yarns, like Kidsilk Haze, Felted Tweed, Cotton Glacé, Denim, Handknit Cotton, Kid Classic and Big Wool...

and the best of the newer yarns.....Baby Merino Silk DK (not just for babies), Fine Lace, Hemp Tweed and the Summerlite cottons (4 ply and DK).

Colour ranges have been streamlined also.....creating a classic, sophisticated palette of shades.

The cull wasn't easy to do (per David MacLeod, Rowan's Design Manager) but this bold move will allow the design team to focus their support on the yarns that we all love!

There have been so many new yarns introduced in the last few years, that even a hard core Rowan officionado like me couldn't keep up. Yarns were introduced, then just as quickly discontinued. This was rather annoying for us knitters....and I can't imaging how the retailers coped!

Of course, there are favourite yarns that have been discontinued....and if you are like me and don't mind adding to your stash, you could pick up more of your faves before they disappear!

Here's a list of the discontinued yarns....anything on there that you can't imaging not having? I'm struggling with the Fine Art sock yarns (there are two Lisa Richardson designs I have to make :) ) and the Pure Linen....oh the Pure Linen.

Here is a list of the discontinues yarns, in case you need to stash up :)

While this focus on a core selection is great....we all like a little new and exciting every once in a while...right? Rowan has a concept in the works for those of us who like to try new yarns....more on that tomorrow!

Happy Knitting,

x Anne 
(in the finishing stages of her Nagano in Pure Linen...what are you knitting? )


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