30 years is a commitment....

Rowan Yarns has been producing their seasonal magazines for 30 years! Imagine that!

All of the magazine covers were displayed in the Rowan offices in the Green Lane Mill...
wonder where they are now?

(In case you didn't know, Rowan moved out of the Green Lane Mill building this year, to new digs at Brookes Mill in Huddersfield.)

I started buying Rowan Magazines with number 11 - see it in the above photo - second row, second one from the left!

Confession...I NEVER knit anything from a Rowan magazine....like for years! I was too intimidated by the fabulous designs and my startitis condition. You know what I'm talking about...start a project, start a project, see something new, start a project...never finish a project.

It was YEARS of collecting (the magazines and yarn too) before I actually finished anything. A Rowan Club at my LYS really got me focussed on the actual knitting of the Rowan Designs that I loved so much.

Magazine 1 was published in 1986. Where were you in 1986? What were you doing? Do you remember? 

Rowan Magazine 60 will be coming soon! are you ready for the new Rowan? Things are a changing...more about that tomorrow!

Happy Knittng!

X Anne, with Lackie and Daisy out here on the deck in the cool of the morning!


  1. All those magazines look lovely, I still haven't gotten the courage to knit anything Rowen yet but hope to soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Oh Anne, great post. Must confess that I've never knit a Rowan article myself, although I've did finish the Rowan Crochet KAL's, and have currently unfinished afghans for the two Martin Story KALs. I will be finishing those. I now plan to begin Marie Wallin's Maple design, have all the wool kitted up. I even bought the discontinued Pine color of Felted Tweed from on of the local LYS stores going out of business sales.

    Not to change the subject, but in the last year in my area we have had four LYS go out of business. It does seem that changes are coming.


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