Bronte, a design by Martin Storey

My Bronte in +Rowan Yarns Softyak DK!

If you like Moss Stitch,
this design is for you!

The cable and lace panels on the front pieces
add detail and interest!
(I saved the fronts to knit last.)

The waist and sleeves feature a fancy psso rib!

While the neckline is finished with stocking stitch
and the button bands are k2p2 rib!

Buttoned up, you really see the lacey diamond pattern!

Another unusual design aspect is the fact that the rib and lace panels are all C4B!
 All cables twist to the right!

You might expect that the cables would be mirrored on either side of the lace panel,

 or on either front!

Some knitters might find this annoying!
(Put your hand up if you are in this camp!)

It is these kind of details that made me love this design
.....thank you Martin!

This design was originally knit in Rowan's Summerlite DK yarn!
I love the firm twist of this cotton!

I chose to knit it in the Softyak DK - it's a chainette yarn, cotton and yak that knits up like a wool yarn! (It has a bit of give while knitting and I loved that!)

Summerlite DK and the Softyak DK
 are interchangeable!

The Summerlite is 100% egyptian cotton and look at those gorgeous shades!

Softyak is a cotton/yak blend, chainette construction, and the yak takes the dye differently making the colours in this yarn softer, muted and I think more sophisticated!

That's why I wanted to knit my Bronte with Softyak, 

Softyak (to me) is an all-season yarn!

I found that to knit Bronte, a Summerlite DK design, in Softyak, I had to go up a needle size! (a gauge swatch is ALWAYS a good idea!)

Bronte, from the Summerlite DK collection by Martin Storey!

This cardigan is detailed, stylish, can be worn casually (as shown in the photos above where I wear it over a sleeveless light knit top over linen pants) and it would look great over a summer dress!

If you'd like to see all of the designs in these two through to the Rowan web site....

Both collections give yarn quantities for both yarns!

Softyak DK

Buttons from Bedecked
Cheetah Coconut Button

Now I have to decide what's next? I have fallen behind with my Marie Wallin Fair Isle Blanket squares, but I also have some Pure Linen that wants to be a summer top! 

What do you think? 

Happy Knitting,

xx Anne
(with Lackie and Daisy at her feet, because it is extremely hot outside and we are in the basement chilling)


It's always a bit intimidating to put photos of yourself out there on social media. Yes, the idea is to show your finished knit off, to display how it looks on a real person.

I am a size 16 (there I said it) and as I like to see knitters modelling their creations,  I want you to see how my finished sweaters fit on me. 

By full bust measurement, I should have knit the 20 or 22 even. Remember the Amy Herzog KAL? I watched Amy's videos and one thing jumped out for me. Measure under your arms (over your bust line) and use that measurement to pick your size!!!

I measure 42" there, so I knit the size 18 for a 42" bust! 

On me, this size fits with negative ease...which I could have adjusted by putting in extra stitches just in the bust area. As I didn't think a summer cardigan would be worn buttoned up all that often, I decided to knit it as is.  


Sometimes the hubby takes photos, sometimes I ask my friend Reneé if she has some free time (she's a busy working Mom!)

I am so grateful to Reneé.  She has that sweet spot in her home that gives a fabulous neutral background and the greatest light! She does not hesitate to climb up on a half wall at the top of her staircase and give me great art direction!

Renee is also my Jamberry enabler, er I am wearing Pomegranate Pop . It's been over a week since these photos were taken, I'm still got my Pomegranate Pop nails!

Here's a link to Renee's Jamberry page.


  1. Looking good there! I like this sweater a lot, too....just wish I could wear them, I get too hot.

  2. Well, that last photo is FAB.U.LOUS!!!! This is a real winner cardigan, Anne. I can see you using it to death.

  3. This sweater looks smashing on you and I love the details you included to help us see the beauty of the design. I am now sold on making this sweater for myself. The info on the yarn options helps too as I am not always happy knitting cotton, or rather my hands aren't always happy knitting cotton. Thank you too for showing us that size does not make design wrong!!! Good design works in any size. Lets bust that taboo!

  4. WOW its lovely Anne! love the color - very demure and sophisticated. love seeing your knits on the bod! I'm a + size too. Enjoy Mel

  5. You do look so stylish and I love the diamond patterns. I always enjoy seeing your modelling them, your friend takes such good pictures too! Sarah x

  6. You look amazing in this sweater. You perfectly matched the pattern to the yarn. Love it.

  7. This is a really gorgeous sweater and a great fit. Lovely.

  8. This is a gorgeous sweater, Anne. The fit is fabulous. You're a beautiful model of your gorgeous knitting.

  9. All is fabulous: The sweater, your colour choice, the fit, the pics... Love it!

  10. Love it! I have 10 balls of purelife British sheep breeds dk in my stash so will use that 😀

  11. Love it! I have 10 balls of purelife British sheep breeds dk in my stash so will use that 😀


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