Third Afghan KAL

If you've been with me for a while, you'll know that Rowan has sponsored not one, not two, but THREE afghan knitalongs!

The first was designed by Martin Storey, a collection of simple but effective squares, knit then sewn together, with a cable trim.

Here's my version. (I picked my own shades and organized the squares into a tartan style layout.) This afghan is loved and used by everyone in the family (dogs included) and I can tell you it has stood up to the everyday wear and tear.

My "ta da" it's finished post on the first Martin Storey Mystery KAL is here.....

Then there was the Kaffe Mystery afghan! Well, I'm a HUGE fan of Kaffe (what's not to love?) and I had to participate....

This time I recruited a "Kaffe Klatch", a group of knitting buddies to knit along with and help keep the momentum of a long afghan KAL going! 

There were 4 of us, Darlene, Ann, Ros and I..... only one of us completed our afghans (to my knowledge anyway)......

and it WASN'T ME!

This is my friend Ros' Kaffe afghan....looking at it I am 
somewhat inspired to get mine out and finish it.

OK, it's on "the list"
(More about this list business soon, ok?)

Ros is an amazing knitter, and we were both busy knitting other things at the same time as the Kaffegan!!! She knit Franzisca and I was knitting Emley and Mette. This was a very busy time as you can see here, but I am a bit annoyed that I didn't finish this KAL afghan!

Then there was the Lisa Richardson Crochet-a-long (CAL), a shawl, stole or fingering weight yarn!!!

I wasn't prepared to tackle the whole crochet project thing, but I did use the individual motifs to refine my crochet skills.

So, it shouldn't have come as a surprise that Rowan were planning another knit along!!!!

Last year, Hubby and I visited the UK, travelled to the South-West - Devon and Cornwall. Wandering about in a sea-side town in Devon, looking for a yarn store (what else?)......

Who did we meet on our travels? 
(Hubby on the trailing behind taking photos)

Yes, that's THE MARTIN STOREY!!!!

Martin told me then that there was going to be another afghan KAL...and I have to tell you, I was "OMG, NOT ANOTHER AFGHAN!" I think I might have actually blurted that out to Martin. 

Martin, if you are reading this, I apologize profusely for my lack of self control. Sometimes my mouth speaks before my brain has a chance to process!

Yes, I admit that I wasn't enthused about another afghan, but when I saw it - this was no ordinary afghan, it has squares that are faux fair isle (slipped stitches) and was designed in four gorgeous colour ways!

This was no Mystery KAL, you knew what you were taking on...

I LOVE these slipped stitch squares...
so faux fair isle :)

The "Calm" colour way is so refined and sophisticated!

 I don't know, but I have loved every minute of this KAL 
and I can't wait to finish it!

All eight square patterns have been released, the sewing up diagram was released a bit early so that we could get a head-start on the tedious sewing up we are good to go. Looking at the finished afghan photo, the edge looks to be a two colour garter stitch, quite a bit of garter stitch, but I think it will be the perfect edging for this afghan!

If you love to knit afghans, it's NEVER too late to join in!

All of the details for each afghan are available on the Rowan web site! Click through to get the materials list, motif instruction, making up information, and trim instructions!

For you crochet lovers, I can see the Lisa Richardsons CAL done in a lovely worsted yarn too.

Right now I'm busy sewing up my squares - when seaming garter to garter....
use the edge stitchesto "slip" seam them together.

When sewing a slip stitch square to a garter stitch edge,
just go in one stitch on the slip stitch square! 

Hubby has already claimed this afghan - he loves the shades used in it, he thinks the slip stitch squares are amazing, and he can't wait to have his own afghan.

Two of us, two dogs, two works, doesn't it!

Have you finished your afghan (s) ???

Happy Knitting,

Anne xx
(with Lackie and Daisy at her feet....always)


  1. I remember admiring your first afghan back when you posted about it, Anne. It is so lovely! I have to say, I have been super impressed with the way that Rowan superwash yarn holds up. I'm not a fan of superwash, but I use it when knitting for my grandchildren and it is superior to any other superwash out there. The faux Fair Isle afghan is stunning. A part of me would love to join in, but then I stop in my tracks when I think of Fergus and Jenny playing tug-of-war with the finished blanket. :-)


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