Groovin' with Indigo...

Ta Da!

Pattern: Groovy (DK and Aran Weight) available on Ravelry

Yarn: Cashmere by Elisabeth Beverly, dyed with Indigo
(You can find Elisabeth next at the Design and Craft Fair at West Dean College
June 3-5 - info here)

Photos: Hubby!

The Hubby hates it when I won't look at the eventually
I can't help it, I look up and he keeps snapping away....

Even though it was a dull morning, the contrast between the white shirt
and the dark indigo yarn was hard to manage!

Straight off the needles, Groovy is all ripples of stocking and reverse stocking's lovely and squishy like that and you could leave it as is!  I wanted to take advantage of the size of this shawl, so washed gently in Eucalan and lay flat to dry (no serious blocking). You can see the tiny swatch I knit up to test wash - no discernible indigo came out in the wash!

I used all but 14 grams of my 275 grams (900 metres) of yarn! This is a L O N G shawl! I thought this shawl would be asymmetrical, but it works up into a elongated triangular shape - I used 4mm needles and it measures 238cm from tip to tip, and 72cm width wise to the point!

My bracelet is a wire knit bracelet with pieces of Lapis Lazuli!
(Sorry, I can't recall where I bought the was long ago
....from somewhere in British Columbia I think? Ideas anyone?)


What's happening here at Life LDC?

Well, Daisy had her follow up with Dr. A and she is doing surgery will be required as her gland is healing and she has responded to the antibiotics well. She will have to go every month for a check and manual manipulation. You would never know it happened as she is her usual bossy self!

For a while, I have been doing the dog grooming, but I decided that Lackie and Daisy needed a professional Spring/Summer hair cut, so off they went and here they are! It is rather hard to tell them apart right now!!! Daisy is more serious (where is the food she us saying here) and Lackie, well Lackie is always grinning :)

With Summer comes knitting on the deck, reading on the deck, breakfast on the deck, dinner on the outside on the deck unless it is too hot, when it's back into the air conditioning to cool down. This morning I had my first tea and breakfast on the deck.....the summer goes by so fast so I intend to spend as much time outside as I possibly can. 
This morning I had my tea with a new podcast, Fruity Knitting. Have you heard of it? This is a husband/wife/daughter team....all knitters! I won't tell you any more as ALL is revealed in the podcasts....start at episode 1 and work your way through! There are 5 podcasts so far, the quality of the production and the content is thoroughly enjoyable! 

In the latest Fruity Knitting podcast, episode 5, I was introduced to Elizabeth McCarten, who lives in Kingston, Ontario! I have added her blog, Chez Lizzie, to my regular blog reading list! Check out her original designs. Beware, your queue may grow rather alarmingly! Check out all of her designs on her Ravelry shop Elizabeth McCarten.

Knitting - well, with my Monday Knit Night project, Groovy, finished, I need a new Monday night project. Fixing Hubby's one and only pair of hand knit socks recently, reminded us both of how lovely a hand knit socks are to from now on, Monday night knitting is SOCK KNITTING! 

Socks are perfect social knitting...just make sure you aren't at the heel...reserve turning the heel for quiet time at home ok?

My Bronte Cardigan in Rowan SoftYak is 75% complete. After all of that moss stitch, I have to tell you that the fronts are the fun bits! The lace insert is simple but adds so much to this classic moss stitch cardigan. I want this done, because I have another summer sweater to knit up before Rowan Magazine 60 comes out! Rowan has indicated that Magazine 60 will be delayed to August this year (rather than the usual July release). I'm happy, as this gives us time to complete those summer projects that are on the needles. Speaking of Magazine 60, have you seen the sneaky preview? 
Rowan has consolidated their range of yarns, and the these core yarns are featured in the magazine! There is a whole section of Felted Tweed designs. I love this idea as Felted Tweed is one of my favourite yarns.  Enjoy the sneak preview video below!

This is inspiration to get cracking with those summer knits!

OK, it's Monday night, I need to cast on some socks before the social tonight!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

x Anne

(with Lackie and Daisy at her feet....they like the Blue Suede Shoes toes!)


  1. the photo shoot is lovely Anne! I 've had Groovy fav'd for a long time and seeing it in indigo is a great idea. My mom wears blue polish on her toes a lot and I have never been enamored but I'll have to look up this color. The Westies are so adorable, glad your girl is going to be OK. Wish I was a sock knitter but I never have been, I am a loose knitter and I just can never make socks to be tight enough. Done here in the deep south - it's already WAY too hot to be outside very long doing anything except maybe getting in the pool. Enjoy your summertime on the deck! Mel

    1. Hi Mel, thank you for your kind thoughts about Daisy. She seems fine and I think we are going to be fine :) I am not good with extreme heat.....glad I am living in the time of air conditioning. You are lucky to have a pool......that is a luxury for sure....and a great way to cool down.


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