Blue, blue.......indigo blue!

What's this? Well, last year while in the UK, I happened to meet up with Elisabeth Beverley, she of Plant Dyed Wool fame. If you haven't heard of her, not to worry, she is very elusive and can be found at only a few select venues in the UK. 

It just so happens that Elisabeth lives not far from a friend of mine in the UK. I visited Elisabeth once a couple of years ago and purchased some lovely cashmere (still in my stash - blogged here) and at the time, inquired if she ever used indigo on her yarns. Well yes, she does, but didn't have any right now.

Fast forward a couple of years...last June hubby and I are in the UK, I e-mail Elisabeth to inquire about indigo. Well yes, as a matter of fact, she does have some indigo and she very nicely popped over to my friends with a basket full of the different strengths of indigo dyed yarn.

I could have bought it all! 

After much to ing and fro ing, I settled on what looked like the darkest grouping,
 5 gorgeous skeins of indigo dyed cashmere!

c a s h m e r e!

mongolian cashmere!

the softest, finest DK weight yarn I have EVER knit with!

These lovely skeins came home with me and I once back here safe and sound in Milton,
I wound them up into lovely cakes of
blue, blue, blue

5 skeins of 180 metres, that's 900 metres!

What's a girl to do with 900 metres?

The allure of this yarn was too hard to resist, I knew I'd have to do a bit of thinking to find the perfect project.....I wasn't worried.

Do you do that? Do you buy yarn without knowing actually what you are going to knit with it?

Do the words "limited edition" pique your interest
when it comes to unique yarns?

Well, have I got news for you!!!

Not yet, but soon, I'll have information for you about 
the new "Rowan Selects" program....
new offerings of limited edition yarns by Rowan...
(click through on the Rowan Selects link to see what Rowan has to say about this
and to see a preview of the Rowan Magazine 60!),

Sound like fun? Tell your local Rowan stockist that you want to be on their list
to know about these new yarns and be first in line to see them,
to get them, to knit with them!

Next time I'll show you what I knit up with my indigo dyed cashmere....something simple was required to showcase the gorgeous yarn!

Until then,

Happy Knitting

x Anne
(with Lackie and Daisy sleeping at her feet....shhhh, Daisy is snoring - how cute!)


  1. Be still my beating heart! Cashmere and indigo sounds like a match made in heaven. I'll anxiously be waiting to see what you made with those gorgeous skeins. I have a sweater's worth of a worsted weight cashmere sitting in my stash, and am looking for some ideas as to how to use it.


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