Original Denim

Loving Denim as I do, it makes sense that I'd love the Original Denim yarn by Rowan. It washes just like denim....the indigo dye fades off of the wear points...wash it in the machine, throw it in the dryer on hot and out it all it's indigo glory!

I love the contrast of the stocking stitch body
and the textured sleeves!

I fell for the Thursford design in Magazine 59 the first time I saw it and knew that I had to knit it! While it is a basic sweatshirt style knit, raglan sleeves, wide's the little details that take it to a whole other level!

The textured sleeves! The subtle shaping in the back!

When Magazine 59 showed up here at Life LDC, I walked down to my yarn stash and pulled out some Denim, and cast on! 4 weeks later it was done and I've been wearing it....well, I've been LOVING it, ever since!

Since it was still winter here, there are no pictures of me sitting in a boat.....but I did have denim jeans with buttoned slash pockets to wear with my Thursford.

Looking at this, I wish I'd made one size smaller!

(I did follow Amy's recommendation and picked
a size based on my under arm chest measurement...
vs my full bust measurement...and it's still too big I think)

Knit up into a long-sleeved pullover like this, I'm planning on wearing this all year round! Even when it is too hot to wear it in the day time, summer evenings can be cool and this will be perfect!

I do find it extremely comfortable to wear under a light coat in the car...with a scarf and gloves I was snug and unburdened by a heavy coat when popping in and out of the shops!

More details on my Ravelry project page! Thursford!

Knitting with Denim yarn NEVER gets old!!!! Here are just a few suggestions for you...

Kim Hargreaves does fabulous denim designs......

Jess, by Kim Hargreaves....still available in...

I LOVE THIS new design from Kim!
This is Vale from Kim's book Wilder!

(available now!)

Martin Storey has a long relationship with Rowan Denim. He designed denim garments for Artwork for many years before designing for Jaeger then Rowan. 

This is a free design by Martin,

Denim, The Next Generation 
by Martin Storey himself!
a collection of 7 designs sized for everyone in the family!

Check out the designs in the slideshow video below!
(love the music, so late 60's early 70's)


"Vintage" Rowan Denim style....
with a young Eddie Redmayne!
(you can still find this around, I did!)

Slouch by Kim Hargreaves!

I LOVE this turtleneck from Denim People!
I am intrigued, but scared to death of knitting
this sweater, then doing a wild bleach treatment on it!
Would you do it?

Patrick...for me this is the ULTIMATE Denim sweater...

you need a yacht to go with this one!

Patrick is from the Rowan Denim publication,
long OOP, but you never know!

Gosh I wish Rowan would bring back the Ecru denim!

You might look at these fabulous cable denim designs and feel your hands start to ache! Well, you don't have to worry about that, because Rowan Denim is designed to be knit at a looser gauge....which when washed in hot water and dried on hot, shrinks up (only up, not in) and tightens up your knitting so that the stitches are perfectly defined!

Using a pattern designed for Rowan Denim takes the guess work out of it...but as a general guideline, Denim shrinks approx 4 rows per 10 cm. Check out the label, do a bit of math, you'll see I'm right!

Rowan has a great selection of free patterns if you're hesitant about buying a whole collection of can find them here.

I found this on so describes my relationship with denim!

by Cathy Young

get Every Now and Then 

from Chapters Indigo here!

Happy Knitting!

x Anne
(with Lackie and Daisy at her feet....always :) )


  1. Anne I like denim but I was not the biggest fan. But since this post I also want to knit a denim sweater!

    1. Try it is a very satisfying yarn to knit!

  2. I love your denim sweater Anne! And I actually think the fit is perfect. Does the yarn leave blue dye on your hands and needles when you knit with it?

    1. Kristie, it does make your hands washes off easily. I knit with a old tea towel on my lap to keep the indigo off of the furniture. Used Addi Turbos...didn't notice any dye on them :) I am already planning another denim knit :)

  3. I love the fit and style of your denim sweater Anne - it's wonderful ! I have a bag or more of Ecru and some other colors of original Rowan Denim and some of the books you mentioned too. I should get one out and going. I love that wild bleached one and in my younger days - I would have done it for sure - Cheers Mel

    1. Just looking over some old posts and saw your message, that I failed to respond to at the time (bad me!). Well, it's been a year....have you knit with denim ?? I'm contemplating my next denim sweater right now. Should it be a cardigan? I think so!

  4. Hi! I was just sitting in my little knit shop when I read your post. I have some of the Denim on order. Nice to know it's a joy to knit with. Your sweater is lovely

    1. Anne, Life LackaDaisiCal20 April 2016 at 15:39

      Just checked out your web site - gorgeous looking shop! I have added it to my shops I need to visit list....some day :)


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