Third Sleeve Syndrome - D'Arcy Encore

My friend Reneé took this photo of my D'Arcy when I visited last week!
She has a "sweet spot" in her home, perfect for photos....the light
is wonderful and the colour of the wall makes a great backdrop!

D'Arcy by Marie Wallin, Rowan Magazine 58
I know I keep going on about it,

Now, I did tell you that I am a new crocheter....and this was my
first official foray into following a crochet pattern for a garment.
My first sleeve was frogged (do you use that term for crochet)
many many times that I decided to knit two fresh
sleeves...and here they are.

But that left me with my spare "practice" sleeve, and loving this
yarn so much, like I do....well, I just didn't want to toss it
or frog it one final

The sleeve was lying on my coffee table,
as all my knits do :)
It is a gradual increase from cuff to
sleeve cap...
I folded these two ends in towards
each other, and seamed the edge...
not all the way.....
I'd say just over half way...

Flipping it over, well, what to you see?
I see a cow!

Looking down the neck opening,
yup, loops like a cowl to me.

Place it over the neckline of D'Arcy,
still looking like a cowl!

It definitely wears like a cowl!
Who would have thought that
a crochet cowl would be so warm!

You may (or may not) know that I am slightly fixated on simple cowl "swatch" designs. When I first got my hands and needles on Rowan's Fine Art Aran yarn, I created a trio of Swatch Cowls. You can find them as downloads on the Rowan web site...

Fine Art Aran Stocking Stitch Swatch Cowl

Fine Art Aran 4x4 Rib Swatch Cowl

Fine Art Aran Seed Stitch Swatch Cowl

Then I decided, why not try a crochet sampler swatch cowl....the "recipe" for this is here on the blog...

Fine Art Aran Crochet Swatch Cowl

There are some gorgeous new shades of Fine Art Aran...I have some Dormouse in my stash, and if there is any left over from whatever I decide to knit with it...well, you know another swatch style cowl will be in my future :)

Happy Knitting,

xx with Lackie and Daisy at her feet (always)


  1. Very clever Anne - that sleeve cowl looks great with the rest of the sweater. I am stalled on Marie Wallin's Anemone. Done the knitting bits, no problem, but a bit intimidated to try the crocheted sleeves. I think they'll be too small to turn into cowls if they go wrong though.

  2. For someone new to crochet that looks so good.That was such a great idea creating the cowl and just what you need with snow on the ground. I wonder what Tavi would think of snow,he hasn't seen it yet! Sarah x

  3. Girls fashion and their age are always inversely proportional. You have fantastic stuff on this blog that keep the girls young and beautiful with you fashion tips. Being a fashion artist I really appreciate your efforts and work.
    Love from Royal Lady


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